10 signs you know you're in a good job

Written by: Georgina Bloomfield
Published On: 11 Aug 2016

Everyone goes through highs and lows during their careers. From initially joining a new company and enjoying the novelty of being somewhere new to becoming fed up of our current careers and wanting more. Sometimes people aren’t so lucky and end up disliking their new jobs from day one. However, most people complain about their work but in reality our jobs could be a lot better than we think. Here are ten signs that you’re actually in a really good job – you just may not know it yet:


1. You don’t dread going into work each morning

That feeling of dread we all have experienced at least once in our lives (and usually on a Monday) isn’t always a sign we hate our jobs – it could be that we hate that the weekend is over or we hate working in general. However, if you’re never getting that feeling of dread before the daily commute, it’s probably because you like where you’re headed. If emotionally you’re feeling positive about work and your job, you’re in a really good position that many would envy.

2. It’s challenge after challenge, and you love it

Being bombarded with work on a daily basis is enough to stress out most of us; however if you’re constantly taking on more challenging and new tasks, it means you have the energy and the will to do well at your job. As humans, if we don’t care about something, most of the time we won’t go above and beyond our responsibilities. If you’re doing this on a regular basis without giving it another thought then it’s another sure sign that you care about your job – because you like it. As well as this, if you’re company is happy to provide you with these challenges then they’re recognising your thirst for more gritty work, which is great!

3. You know your area well and others will seek out your opinion and/or advice

You know you’re in a good job (and that you enjoy your job) if you know all there is to know about your role and what it plays in the bigger picture of your company’s mission. If colleagues often ask for your expertise on particular matters, then it’s an indication that you’re well-respected in your role and you can be trusted for your views and opinions. There are many workers out there who have great ideas but never feel as if they’re listened to. If you know you’re being heard, it’s a very good position to be in.

4. You’re always ahead of yourself and/or your manager

You know your deadlines and what’s expected of you; but also you know what your manager’s going to ask you to do and you’ve already done it. You’re in a good job when you work alongside and with your manager rather than for them. It means you’ve got good relations with both your manager and the company, which is generally great all round. If you’re also two steps ahead of yourself then you know you’ve got your job fully worked out. You can predict your next set of deadlines and workload, and you’re already working on it.

5. You’re regularly invited to take part in new projects

It’s a good thing when you’re thought of when a new project comes your way. If you’re always being left out of new projects because they’re possibly ‘not your thing’ then you’re not being challenged by others. Challenging jobs can be good jobs because you’re always stimulated and placed out of your comfort zone. If you’re being invited to partake in new ventures then you’re in good standing in your current role. If you’re not being invited into new projects that you’re interested in, you should ask to be involved. You’ll probably be respected for putting your hand into the ring.

6. You’re on the path to promotion

If you’ve been told in meetings with your manager or with others that either a pay rise or a position rise is happening for you, you’re in a good job. Perhaps you’ve been given extra responsibilities or been invited to take part in more meetings than normal. Employers always want to keep their best talent – if all you’re hearing is news of redundancies and doom and gloom, try not to look into it too much.

7. You’re kept in the loop about the company’s plans

In turn to sign #6, if you’re being told about changes being made to your department or elsewhere in the company, this can be a good sign for you rather than a warning. Especially if you’re being integrated in the company’s new plans – it’s good to be communicated with effectively (and by the right people).

8. You would recommend the company as a place to work to your friends

If you have friends or family who are looking for a change in career and you immediately think of recommending your company to them as a place to apply to, then it’s obvious that you’re in a good job yourself! This point doesn’t really need much explaining.

9. You have friends at work and you’re more than happy to be a team player

Our jobs are always a lot more enjoyable when we get along well with our colleagues and managers. After all, we’ll spend around a third of our lives working, so it makes sense to have a great work environment. A lot of people constantly moan about their bosses or colleagues, but if you find that you’ve got no complaints at all then you’re quite lucky! If you’re willing to help out your colleagues on a project that you’re not part of it’s an indication you’re happy in your role.

10. You don’t watch the clock

Clock watching during the day can be agonising. People always have slow or unproductive days where the clock just won’t move fast enough. Having said that, if you’re not watching the clock constantly and your days go spinning by super-fast – it’s a sign that you’re enjoying your job because you’re so submerged in what you do.

If you recognise all ten of these signs then congratulations! You’re probably in one of the best jobs in the world. Most people may only relate to two or three things on this list. There are some things that you may not have realised are signs that you’re in a great job and take for granted. If everything on this list is the opposite of how you feel at work, then you really ought to get another job…