200 Great Job-Hunting Ideas!

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 15 Apr 2020

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E&TJ is a job board dedicated to you, the job seeking engineer. We have now written and shared 200 articles with our readers, all in the hope that they help you get further with your job search! Not only do we have some of the UK’s top recruiters advertising on our website, but we match their requests for the top engineering and technology talent we find in you. Our goal is to find you your ideal engineering role and inspire you in your job search. Some of our top content includes CV advice, Careers Advice and How I got here articles, where we share the experiences of engineers in the same fields as you.

When it comes to job seeking, everyone will have their own goals and their own ways of doing things. It is very important to tailor your job search to you and to take it at your own speed. It can take time to get to where you want to be and understanding Why resilience is important for job-seekers will allow you to reflect on your successes and move on from anything that may get you down.

Taking care of yourself is key in a job search and we like to think that, as a job-board, we promote a healthy work-life balance to our users. It’s important to us that you find an employer willing to let you strive in your workplace, as well as at home. You are also more likely to find the right job for you if you are taking care of your health and wellbeing.

A job search takes dedication and time. It can help you greatly if you have a good job search strategy and plan your days or weeks in advance. You are going to be spending a lot of time working on your CV, whether that be tailoring it, writing a proper introduction and even working on getting your CV noticed and passed through online filters. Your CV is a very important part of your job search, so we highly recommend getting it right. We have a lot of content on how to improve your CV, stated above and more over on our website!

We are dedicated to our jobseekers, so that means once you have been invited to an interview, we are still here to help! Achieving the right mindset for an interview is very important, you want to show the employer your all of your best qualities and always stay positive! This means that whether you have a technical interview, an internal interview or it’s your second interview, we have advice that can help you prepare in advance and smash this part of your job search!

We like to think that we have something for every stage of your job seeking career, whether that be working on your CV, your interview skills or if you just have some big questions that need answering, like Whether the key to happiness is high salary or job satisfaction? We have an article for that too.

We will continue to provide you with high quality content, designed to help you find your perfect engineering job! However, if there is anything that you want to know and you cannot find on our website, make sure you contact us at charlotterogers@theiet.org