4 reasons why you're going to be a successful engineer

Written by: Georgina Bloomfield
Published on: 2 Sep 2016

Being a success at what we do for a living takes time for many of us as we learn new skills and forget old ones. The term ‘success’ can be defined in many different ways, from just being content with your life to being the best of the best. Either way, if you’re successful you have a higher chance of long-term happiness. Success is made up of several things that you yourself control such as attitude and your wellbeing. Here are a few signs that success is coming your way:


1. You’re the perfect team player

What comes under this category is all about your attitude towards others during your career. Things such as being happy for other peoples’ success, always being on hand to help out when needed (willingly) and being generally motivated and wanting yourself and your team to do well. Your goals will be similar to those of your employer and you’ll be striving with others to achieve those goals. Sometimes the people you work with won’t have the same intentions for their career and this is something you can’t control; but being on hand to help them as well as give support where needed is only ever a good thing for your career.

When it comes to helping others, if you always give your opinion and ‘advice’ when it’s not wanted (even if you know it’ll help the other party if they just listen to you) you’re not allowing others to be successful. Other people may need to make their own mistakes and learn from those slip-ups themselves to get the message. By all means be a shoulder to lean on but only when it’s needed.  

2. You’re realistic and honest

A lot of people have a tendency to lie to themselves during their careers. Whether it’s telling yourself that you’re better at what you do than anybody else or that the company couldn’t possibly live without you – the extent of the truth in this can sometimes vary. I’m not saying you should be so brutally honest with yourself to the point where you feel pretty useless, but you shouldn’t give yourself false expectations of what you do for your job and what you’re trying to achieve. This isn’t always easy, but you need to know your worth. What are you actually capable of achieving and what may you find challenging? It’s good to have challenges; people who don’t think they have any challenges or weaknesses are usually just kidding themselves. Nobody’s perfect!

As long as you’re honest with yourself you can find it a lot easier to be honest with others. Don’t tell people you’re going to do something unless you can actually do it. Nobody likes people who don’t follow through on their promises. It can be a skill in itself in learning how to say no – it’s not always easy – but think of the consequences of saying ‘no’, and if they’re not as bad in reality, then save yourself some hassle and find another way of dealing with the problem. The best way of saying no is to have an alternative option to hand.

3. Your work/life balance is good

From time to time everyone suffers an imbalance in their work life and their home life. If on the whole your work/life balance is usually very good then this is a sign you’re going to be successful. Having a good level of wellbeing is key to being a success. If you’re extremely unhappy in your home life then chances are your work life will suffer as a result. If you know when you need to take a break and actually take it, it’ll do your wellbeing wonders. If you spend your time wisely and find a good balance between being productive and hardworking to having fun and letting go of the pressures of work you’re giving your career extra life in the long term.

4. You’re determined and driven

If you’re motivated to do well in your career then of course you’re going to be successful. Following through on those motivations is key obviously! Signs of being genuinely motivated include wanting to know more and having a thirst for knowledge of your industry. Learning from people is just as important as going on training courses – if not more helpful. You can learn invaluable information from those around you. If you do find this useful, have a mentor to guide you through things you want to know more about so the training is ongoing.

Part of being driven and motivated is not giving up when things go wrong. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time in their careers but being able to own up to a mistake, learn and move on from it is a great skill to have. So many potentially successful people don’t succeed because they let criticism and errors get in their way. They also can’t ask for help when they need it because they’re too proud. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help if it means the job will get done at a better standard.  

Success in your career can start off small and get bigger and better as you progress through your career. If you don’t get the promotion you wanted it doesn’t mean you’re a failure; it means you have to up your existing success and learn more for next time.