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5 different ways to job search

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 19 Feb 2020

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Although online seems to be the most convenient and sometimes easier option for finding a job, it isn’t the only way you can find yourself a new role. Sometimes endless scrolling on your laptop can have negative effects on your productivity. You may start to wonder if there is anything else you can be doing? Online job boards and recruiter sites are easy to find but they can somehow make the process a bit painful if you’re constantly looking at one. There is so much more you can be doing, putting yourself out there and trying new things can help you find a job as well as helping you become more confident in yourself. We have some tips and ideas on other ways you can job search and get you away from your computer for a few hours.

Find work through networking

Job boards aren’t the only way to find a job, networking can play a key role in your job search. This doesn’t necessarily mean going onto sites like LinkedIn, in fact, you don’t need to go online at all if you don’t feel it’s necessary. Networking should be an ongoing activity. If you have built a good enough network, you should be able to reach out to people without using a social site. Talking to the people you have met through events or even talking to old colleagues can open a range of opportunities. However, you shouldn’t only rely on your network when the time suits you. Make sure you are giving back just as much as you are asking for and keep connected with your contacts, even if you already have a job.

Industry events and exhibitions

When you attend an industry or networking event, you never know who you’re going to meet. It can be worth attending these events to meet other professionals as well as potential employers. Sometimes just hearing about others job seeker journey can motivate you to carry on. Sometimes spending a bit too much time job seeking from work or home can make the day feel longer, events like this give you opportunities to find and talk to like-minded engineers.  

There is something about in-person connections that can be very powerful. Connecting with someone online can have very different effects than talking to someone face-to-face. You are able to get to know that person a bit better, see their facial expressions, body language and really connect with another professional, something that may not always be possible in an online environment. Attending these events can help build your confidence and allow you to work on other important skills, like interview skills. It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

However, these events are not necessarily about meeting potential employers. Being an active part of your industry can spread word and one of the people you have met at these events, can potentially be a gateway for a new job. There are always opportunities. But ultimately, you should enjoy these events. Enjoy the company, the conversation and maybe even the food. If you enjoy your job search, you won’t mind spending time doing it every day, give yourself a bit of variety.

Recruitment consultants

You don’t have to apply for a role or wait to be contacted by a recruitment consultant in order to request their help. They are often very easy to contact by email or phone, so it can be as simple as calling them, requesting a meeting and talking about your job goals. Some people find that recruitment consultants may not be a good fit for them, but in some cases, they can take some of the pressure off. You shouldn’t have to solely rely on consultants to find you job role leads, but they can certainly give a helping hand.

Job fairs

Job fairs can pop up anywhere and it is worth looking through local news and professional media to see if there is anything happening near you. Try and look in newspapers, social media and talking to your network to see if any of their businesses are getting involved. You may find a company that you’re interested in, so brush up on your CV and take it along with you. You never know where you might find a new opportunity.

Company open days

Open days are a great opportunity to go and see what a company are all about. If possible, try and sign up for newsletters for companies that you are interested in and you might be invited to an open day! There are other ways of signing up of course, always check their website for additional information. It’s an opportunity to not only see the company on the inside but see what their employees are like. Sometimes talking to someone that works there can help you determine whether you would like to work for them or not. You can ask them questions and get a true insight into where you could be working. MBDA are a company that have regular open days and it may be worth finding other employers that do too!

Even though sometimes you may feel that job hunting online is the easiest option, it can quickly become your only resource. Doing the exact same thing day in and day out can really affect a person, so trying something new and getting out of your typical work environment can open up a range of opportunities and allow you to learn something from the people around you. Job boards and using other online resources aren’t a bad thing. Online tools can help significantly when job seeking but using a mixture of methods can help with productivity. Have fun and try to find a method that works for you.