8 signals your job is getting to you

Written by: Georgina Bloomfield
Published on: 11 Nov 2016

We all experience pressure in our jobs – it means that it’s challenging and can sometimes be a good thing. However, you may not know it but your job could be making you miserable and you’ve just been putting up with it for too long. We spend a lot of our lives at work; the last thing you want is to be spending that time in an unhappy position without even knowing the cause of your career ennui. Here are some signs that may give you a reality check:


You’re super bored at work

Being bored at work is perfectly normal – not every day is going to be a life-changing one (in most jobs at least!) – However being bored all the time day in day out for at least two months in a row is not a good thing. Maybe you’re telling yourself it’s because you’re in-between projects or that you’re just feeling a bit distracted. That bored feeling isn’t going to go away unless you have a challenge or upcoming project to keep you motivated.

You dread the bit after your commute

Do you find yourself walking that little bit slower from the train station or sitting in your car just a bit longer than you ought to? As well as this, are you leaving earlier and earlier each day just to get out of there? Similar to boredom, that feeling of dread isn’t going to go away unless you do something about it. Is it a short term thing such as a horrible meeting you don’t want to go to – or is it something a bit more serious than that? Once you’ve figured out the cause of your stalling you’ll be able to either sort it out or you’ll get the push you’ve always needed to go and look elsewhere for a job.

You’ve lost your job hunger

Perhaps you don’t find the industry entertaining anymore or you’ve just been in your job too long, but having passion for what you do is a huge motivator for being successful at your career and enjoying your job. It’s not a bad thing if you’ve lost the passion for what you do – in fact it’s a great sign that you need to try something new.

You’re always ill or have no energy

Being ill can have lots of different factors to it. Sometimes it’s normal seasonal illnesses. Another reason however for your constant illness could be because your job is just running you down. A good way to solve this is to give yourself a break. Take a week or two from work and wind down. Don’t think about your job whilst you’re off work – this is time to spend relaxing! Make sure you do relax, because you don’t want to have the feeling of needing a break from a break.

The work environment is all wrong

If you hate the culture of your workplace and can’t seem to click with your colleagues it could be because you simply don’t belong where you are. The feeling of not fitting in is horrible – but it could be a huge red flag that your career is trying to warn you about.

You don’t have anyone to learn from

No matter what stage of your career you’re at, you need to have someone guide you through it. A mentor can be hugely invaluable to driving your career forward; and if you don’t have anyone around to learn from then you can be left feeling like there’s no knowledge left for you, so when you’ve learnt everything where’s the challenge? It could be that you’re now too smart for your job in which case you can go one of two ways; promotion or leave.

Everything is negative nowadays

If you’re struggling to see the positive side to most situations in your job, then you could be looking at needing a career change and fast. Negativity isn’t invisible and others will easily pick up on your outlook. It won’t be making you feel any better either, so it’s best to either have an attitude shake up or leave your current post as soon as possible.

The work-life balance is a really grey area for you

Being able to switch off when you finish work is essential to your wellbeing. If you’re always checking emails at home, thinking about work or talking about it all of the time then you brain isn’t managing to switch off. This could be because you have a looming deadline that you’re dreading which is fine – however it could be the norm in which case you need to be able to balance your work and your home life. You can read more about this here. 

Overall, our jobs can always get the better of us from time to time. Negative emotions can be totally normal. The problem is when you can’t seem to shift yourself from underneath that big black cloud that’s hanging over you. The idea of leaving a job can be terrifying; but sometimes the idea of staying can be scarier.