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August Career Advice Round Up

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 30 Aug 2021

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Every week we aim to give you the best job seeking advice we possibly can. We aim to help every job seeker, whether you are looking for your first engineering role, or you’ve been working for a long time and just need some advice. There is always time to learn more, job seeking is an everchanging art and can feel complicated to begin with. We have articles for a variety of job seeking questions, interview techniques and more. 

This month we have written six different articles for you to enjoy from personality type articles to a beginner’s guide to job seeking. See below for more information and links to these articles! And of course, if you have any suggestions on what you want to see on E&TJ, send us an email -

Understanding the ISTP personality type: The Craftsperson

This was the last article in the personality series on E&TJ. The article touches upon what ISTP means, the potential strengths and weaknesses of this particular personality type and what you or others could try to do to improve on said weaknesses. A part of job seeking is all about finding yourself, understanding what it means to be you and how you can learn and analyse your behaviour to see how you can improve, especially in job interviews. This information can be subjective, and you should always tailor it to you and your own experiences. However, if you want to learn more about your personality type, either click the link above or click here to find one tailored to you. 

Your Beginners Guide to Job Seeking

We all have to start somewhere and looking for your first job is no different. We put together a beginner’s guide of advice and articles to help you through your first job seeking experience. However, this guide can be handy for a variety of different people. Whether you are either fresh out of university, college, an apprenticeship scheme or re-entering the workplace, we have advice for you. 

Sometimes it’s hard to realise how many different steps there are to finding a job and we tried to discuss them all throughout this guide. And to make it even easier, we have put everything into one place for you, no need to search, it’s all here and ready for you to read. 

Requesting permanent flexible working

Have you discovered that flexible working is right for you? Over the last year or so, a lot of things in our working lives had to change. Some for the better and some we’d like to forget. However, if you’d like to keep flexible working arrangements the same or have a similar plan in place, then we have some advice for you. 

Your employer should realise now that you can work from anywhere and work-life balance should be kept a priority. This article discusses flexible working and how you can discuss permanent changes with your employer! So, click the link above to find out more!

Reasons to cancel an interview

We always want you to find the right role and sometimes, that means having to cancel interviews. Looking for a new role should be a positive experience but there can be bumps along the way. You might have applied for a role without doing thorough research, you might have found another role, or you could have even just changed your mind. If you don’t want to attend an interview and you think it would be better to save time for both parties, then cancel the interview. Not everything can be perfect. If you’d like to read more about cancelling interviews, click the link above to read the full article on E&TJ!

How to make your working day more enjoyable

We spend a lot of our time at work. Whether you are still working from home or going into the workplace, it’s always good to find a balance and do what you can to enjoy your time at work. This article is all about finding small things that maybe you could change, try or even start at work to feel happier and more satisfied. Click the link above to read our tips and ideas you can use to make sure you are enjoying your work and feeling more fulfilled and happier at the end of your workday. We all deserve it!

How to pass your probation period at work

When you land a new role, most employers place you on a probation period. If you’ve never had one before or this is your first engineering job, the time you are on probation can be vary. Most employers will discuss this with you, so you understand what you have to do to pass this period!

This time is all about learning more about your job and how you can make it your own! This article has some advice and tips on how you can sail through the probation period as well as making the most of it. Click the link to read more. 

That’s it for August! But we share new content every week, so keep coming back for new job seeking related articles.