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Civil engineering - What are the benefits and is it the right sector for you?

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 13 Jul 2022

Civil Engineering Hero Image

Engineering is important, for the development of new ideas and for maintaining what we have already built. It’s a challenging and exciting career that can bring something new every day. If you are thinking about starting an engineering career or if you’re even thinking about changing sector, just know there is always something to learn. Engineering can highly benefit society and can bring your creative side. Albert Einstein said, “Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been” So, what do you want to get from your engineering career?

What is civil engineering?

Civil engineering is everything you see in a normal day, engineers are constantly working on the roads, railways, hospitals, and water supply to name a few of the areas they work in. It’s the kind of engineering that we take for granted, we don’t notice because it has become such a normal part of our everyday lives. In other words, we couldn’t thrive without it.

Civil engineers plan, design and manage projects like the ones mentioned above, and so much more. Civil engineering includes anything from using computer modelling software, creating blueprints, surveying to understanding the environmental impacts their work will have. It’s a sector that has a lot of opportunity and a lot of different areas to get involved in.

The different areas of civil engineering

There are many different roles you could chose from the civil engineering sector and some of the more popular ones are stated below.

Structural Engineer – This area of Civil engineering can include both structural analysis and design of structures. Structural engineers are responsible for so many different aspects of their designs, from their ability to withstand natural disasters to meeting codes and guidance.

Environmental Engineer – This branch of civil engineering has to study the impact their projects may have on the surrounding environment. Including noise pollution, the effects on natural habitats and air quality to name a few. They are also responsible for offering solutions to the issues that may arise.

Transportation Engineer – The meaning of this job is given in the job title. These engineers are in charge of planning, organising, and constructing the transportation facilities in the country. From working on improving our roads to building new railway lines.

Water resource Engineer – Engineers in these roles are responsible for the water supply. A very important role in any country. They design and manage water supply systems and keep them under control.

Surveyor – Surveying engineers or surveyors perform different kinds of work, depending on their area of specialty. They may measure land, air, space, and water areas as well as surveying the projects from the engineering projects above.

Construction engineering – This type of civil engineer plans, directs and supervises large projects. Individuals will usually have a specific type of project they specialise in, from buildings to mechanical systems.

Municipal engineeringThis type of engineer works to make a city or town a nice place a civilised place to work and live! They act as the link between citizens and politicians and help us have a safer and better place to live.

Why Civil Engineering?

There are many reasons for you to choose a career in civil engineering and why it just might be the right step for you and your engineering career.

There is a skills shortageAs you’re probably aware, there is a skills shortage in many engineering sectors and civil engineering is one that takes a big hit. As cities grow and plans get approved, there is a higher demand for civil engineers. The industry needs people to help these communities grow and your skills are transferable to this sector.

A large varietyChoosing a career in civil engineering holds a variety of opportunities and with the number of projects needed, no two days are ever the same. The role of a civil engineer can differ, they not only work in manufacturing, but also plan, design, maintain and manage (to name a few responsibilities) The profession has a huge number of areas and careers to chose from, as seen above.

There is a good earning potential ­– Engineers have a lot of responsibility and with this comes a very good potential to earn a high salary. The specialised skills and hard work of engineers in this sector realty is reflected in their salaries. It can differ, but as you learn and grow within the industry, the opportunities can be endless.

Civil engineering really is a good sector to get in and you can get here by taking a variety of different routes. You can start with an apprenticeship scheme, through a university degree or if you’re looking to change sector, your skills are likely to be highly transferable! There is a way for everyone and if you are looking to find your next role, why not consider civil engineering and start making a difference.