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Dyson – Our Personal Care Engineers

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 27 Jan 2020

Dyson Hero Image

Dyson is a technology enterprise built from the desire to solve the problems others ignore. Dyson engineers are focused on solving problems and creating better technologies for its customers. Bringing in engineers with the same level of passion and ambition that they have, means they are able to invent the future and create something truly special. We caught up with Vice President of Personal Care, Paul Dawson, to learn more about Dyson and the opportunities they have for engineers.

“Our personal care team is one of the fastest growing categories we have within Dyson. What we’re looking for is many more engineers, researchers and scientists to come and join our global teams, to help us develop some of our fantastic, wonderful, disruptive and crazy ideas into great products and to continue benefitting people’s lives. We need engineers to come and join the team and be a part of the next revolution here at Dyson and really start re-inventing the personal care category out there, for everyone’s benefit.” – Paul Dawson; Vice President of Personal Care

Dyson Paul Dawson

We asked Paul why you should choose Dyson as an employer?

“I’ve been here for 19 years and no single week has been the same, it’s always different. I’ve never walked away from this building and I still don’t today, thinking I’ve not learnt anything. I am constantly learning, and I think the opportunities within Dyson are huge.” - Paul explains.

Dyson prides itself in allowing its engineers to develop their career and develop their learning whilst at work.

“At Dyson we continue to develop products that people pick up and go ‘wow that’s really amazing’. We want engineers that have that wow factor and can bring their creativity to the team.”

The personal care sector is all about creating products that are easy for people to use. It is clear Dyson’s goal is to help make people feel confident about themselves with the technology they create. But Dyson is not all about its customers. They pride themselves in giving engineers the opportunity to show their accomplishments, see what they have achieved and celebrate this.

“From an engineering perspective, you are able to see your product on shelves globally and the impact it can have on people first hand. You can see what your technology could deliver for customers in the future.” – Says Paul.

What makes Dyson stand out as an employer?

“We give our engineers responsibility and accountability very early on in their careers. I think we are a meritocracy, we don’t believe in the kind of usual engineering norms you hear about sometimes – like years served in the industry. There are some companies that I have walked away from that have been exactly like that and it has been very difficult to understand how you do get ahead within those organisations. Within Dyson, we are looking for the brightest engineers in the world, to come in and do a great job to disrupt with ideas and to actually change Dyson as a company as well as developing some pretty amazing products. The opportunities will come thick and fast to those people who are really willing to take that challenge on.”

What can Dyson really offer?

Dyson has a reputation for vacuum cleaners, but as a company, they are far from that. They are delivering technology across such a wide number of categories, that you can’t define them with that stereotype anymore. This year alone, Dyson has launched its latest models of purifying fans, vacuum cleaners, new improvements on their haircare range, hand dryers and of course some very interesting advancements in lighting. Paul Dawson explains this in more detail.

“It’s as far away from a vacuum company as you could ever imagine. We’re now thinking a lot more about technology and we have some pretty amazing plans going forward over the next five years, expanding into many more new categories. With some great ideas, that the team here in Malmesbury and worldwide are developing and always looking for that disruptive element. And bringing something to the market that is truly unique so that it improves the overall owner experience.”

The company is investing heavily across the business in the UK and around the world and personal care is no different - with £100m being invested in the category.

“We invest in our employees and always want them to feel like they are learning. We want them to discover things along the way, learning new ways through failure and discovery, and develop their careers the way they seem fit. Our employees are what make Dyson so successful, without our engineers, we couldn’t create the amazing products we do.” 

So why not apply for Dyson?

“There are already a couple hundred engineering positions open globally. We have positions including design engineers, advanced design engineer, senior design engineer, design manager, heads of engineering we go all the way through to research managers, research engineers, scientists, there is really too many to mention. We have the ambition, we hope more people will join the company and do great things with us.

When you work for Dyson, you have the chance to do something that you can’t do anywhere else. They want to excite their customers with unexpected technologies, and they need engineers to help reach their exciting goals. They encourage you to think outside the box and create something that is new and different. This kind of creativity within engineering is amazing and Dyson may just be the next step for you. Click here to view the jobs Dyson currently have live on our E&TJ site.  

Apply now at or via the links to the E&TJ website above.