Ergo Consulting - Why New Zealand?

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 18 Jun 2019

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Ergo Consulting aspires to become the first-choice provider of engineering services to New Zealand’s power and energy industry. Engineering and design are a huge passion for the business and finding the right engineers that share the same passion is crucial. Ergo’s reputation is one that they are rightly proud of. All employees at Ergo have the same purpose, living the company’s values of being “Inspired. Agile. Genuine.” The business has been built on providing excellent service and high-quality designs to clients.

Over 80% of New Zealand’s electricity comes from renewable sources, with extensive geothermal and hydro power sources of generation; and with increasing deployment of wind and solar, the government is targeting 90% from renewables by 2025. With increasing population in the main centres and continuing economic growth, there are therefore plenty of exciting opportunities for Ergo’s engineering team.

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Why New Zealand?

Let’s not forget where Ergo Consulting is based. New Zealand is a beautiful country and if you were going to relocate for a job, why not try New Zealand?  New Zealand is a place designed for living, not just for working. If you are looking for a better work-life balance, both the country and Ergo Consulting can provide this for you. HSBC's 2017 Expat Explorer survey ranked New Zealand sixth in the world for work-life balance and first for quality of life. Working there can provide you with more than just a job - you have the opportunity to spend more time for yourself or with your family. It opens up many more possibilities and may just be what you have been looking for.

If you are seriously thinking of relocating for your job, we understand that your family is just as important as your new job. New Zealand is the world's second most desirable place for families, according to the HSBC survey. The country is family friendly and can offer great things for your family to grow together. In addition to being able to spend more time with your family, New Zealand can provide great education, spectacular places to live and is seen as an extremely safe and secure place to live. Mercer, a company that specialises in advising multi-national companies in the transfer of their employees, conducts an annual survey of the “most liveable cities”, with NZ’s largest city of Auckland being ranked 3rd in the 2019 survey.

If all of that hasn’t persuaded you, there is also a range of environmental and social benefits. The scenery in New Zealand is nothing less than breath-taking. New Zealand praises itself for the small urban and provincial communities it has, nothing is too congested and cramped, so everyone can enjoy the surroundings, whilst feeling safe and secure in their homes.

What more could you want when relocating for a job? New Zealand opens its arms to anyone wanting to come and live in their beautiful country. If this is something you are considering, you will have to apply to live there; find extra information at

Benefits of relocating for your job

Relocating for a new job can be a great thing. Sometimes considering jobs in new places or even a different country can open up a wide range of brand-new opportunities for you and your family. You have the chance to go and explore a new country, culture and its people and have new experiences, all the while doing the job you love.

You may have already visited New Zealand but for those who haven’t, do your research and talk to your family and friends. New Zealand is always on the lookout for skilled migrants with experience and qualifications.  If you are relocating from the UK, you will find familiarity in your home and working life in New Zealand, with many common practices and standards.

When relocating, it’s also good to try and start to expand your network before you begin working, Ergo will also do everything it can to help you settle in. Use your LinkedIn profile and other forms of networking to see other professionals in the Auckland and Christchurch areas.

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Why Ergo Consulting?

Ergo Consulting has a long list of company benefits that they will offer you as an employee.

  • Interesting work in a great team environment
  • Highly professional organisation
  • Commitment to training and development
  • Great place to work with a fun and supportive atmosphere
  • Paid overtime and other benefits

As an employee you will also have the opportunity to have a good work-life balance by accessing Ergo’s flexible working arrangements. Ergo offers a competitive salary and is very committed to the health and wellbeing of their employees and their families.  Take a look at to see more.

Why not enquire and find out more?

If you are interested in everything you have read so far, make sure you take a look at the vacancies that Ergo has right now. As they say, “at Ergo we love everything to do with engineering, we love our jobs and we love being able to support our employees”. If you are thinking about joining the Ergo team, then email your CV & cover letter to, for the attention of Ali Shackell.