EVERYONE! Get Involved in International Women in Engineering Day 2020!

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 19 Jun 2020

INWED 2020 Hero Image

International Women in Engineering Day is an international campaign that has been running for seven years and takes place every year on the 23rd of June. We recognise this day to help raise the profile of female engineers. We look back on everything women have accomplished in engineering, how they have played their part throughout history and help young people interested in STEM subjects see what exciting opportunities a career in engineering can bring. The engineering community aim to show young girls and women that there is a career for them in this sector if they want it. This day aims to bring people from all backgrounds and genders to find out how they can get involved and share the message.

The theme for this year is a little different and there will be no physical events held for this campaign. The Women’s Engineering Society (WES) aims to get as many people as possible, involved with virtual activities. The theme this year is #ShapeTheWorld and it’s all about talking about how women have transformed the engineering industry and impacted the world. INWED is all about recognising women’s achievements in engineering and spread awareness of the importance of diversity within the engineering community. 

You don’t need to be an engineer or a woman to get involved, this day of recognition is for everyone to share their experiences and learn more about engineering history. We want anyone interested in STEM to join in with our online activities. WES want to hear your stories or own experiences of how female engineers have shaped the world and made it a more exciting place. We want to celebrate the successes of women in engineering and make sure they are appreciated.

So, what can you do to get involved in this year’s campaign?

  • Attend or host an INWED event (Virtually of course)
  • Send INWED a picture of yourself at work that can be used in our photo gallery
  • Become a STEM Ambassador (We have more information on how and why you should become a STEM Ambassador here)
  • Promote our theme for 2020 #ShapeTheWorld   
  • Click here to see what other online activities you can take part in!

In 2019 statistics show that only 12.37% of all engineers are women in the UK (WES), which is an improvement from the previous year, however, still not enough. The goal of INWED, like every other year is to share what female engineers have accomplished and aim to inspire the next generation. INWED aims to reach thousands of budding engineers, both male and female, and show them just what they can achieve. It’s all about inclusion and how they might #ShapeTheWorld.

This global awareness campaign aims to increase the profile of women in engineering worldwide and focus attention on the amazing career opportunities available to girls in engineering and related industries.