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How can the IET help you in your early career?

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 13 Jan 2020

How the IET can help Hero Image

A lot of engineers first come across the IET through their university or apprenticeship, as an institution, we offer support and professional development for anyone interested in engineering and technology from any age and at any stage in their careers. The IET takes pride in helping people of all ages get involved in STEM based projects. For those engineers that are starting their careers, the support that you can get from this organisation will help you for years to come.

Start your career on a high

The IET is one of the largest engineering and technology institutions in the world with over 168,000 members from around the globe. As a student, apprentice or someone looking for a new start, we can give you access to a huge amount of industry knowledge. Whether you are in your early career or you are ready for your next step, we understand that you are the future of engineering. We need you to make the next technological breakthroughs, to continue research and keep developing society in the way that engineers are doing right now. The IET are here to inspire, inform and influence you as part of a growing global engineering community.

On Campus

IET On Campus is an initiative run by students, funded and backed by the IET. On Campus is there to help people in their early career create links with industry professionals and other universities. It allows you to network with different groups of people and learn important life skills to help you in your future career. The IET understands that the world of work is about more than just your grades and work experience, employers are expecting a lot more from you, so On Campus is here to help you have that little bit extra.

On Campus is available to anyone studying engineering and technology related courses and degrees. On Campus gives you the extra resources, connections and inspiration you need to launch yourself into your career with confidence. So how do you begin to set up your On Campus group?

  • First, check that your university doesn’t already have an On Campus group. Head over to the IET careers support page to find out.
  • Form your committee
  • Find a university facilitator
  • Fill out the application form
  • Send the completed form to the IET and apply for funding!

Professional Development – Life skills

The IET offer a range of short and interactive sessions that can help enhance your life skills and provide you with an opportunity to network with other people taking part. We offer both e-classes and webinars, on a range of different subjects starting from Introduction to management to working successfully in a team.  Webinars are free for you to join and e-classes are available at low cost to both members and non-members. The opportunity to have online learning means you can access it from anywhere with a WIFI signal and you can do it at your own pace.  

Student Membership

Student membership is available to any students studying for a STEM related undergraduate degree or a post-graduate qualification. It is also available for anyone in an apprenticeship scheme in engineering and technology sectors. You are entitled to membership at a reduced rate of £20 per year, or £50 for the total length of your course.

With an IET membership you can become an active member of the engineering and technology community. The IET runs over 1,500 conferences, seminars and lectures every year – these events can help keep you up-to-date with your industry as well being a great opportunity to network. As a member, you will also receive discounted rates for events – a very tempting extra, especially for students and apprentices.

Members have access to the IET Digital Library. We have over 180,000 papers from journals, books, magazines, conference publications and seminars, all available for your use. As a member of the IET you will receive ten free credits to download content from the Digital Library on the 1st January every year, and you can buy more credits as you go. If that’s not enough to persuade you, you will also have access to the IET library and archives at Savoy Place in London. You not only have access, but you can borrow up to 10 titles from the library – whether you are in London or not. If you have a request, simply ask and the titles can be delivered to you, free of charge.


As soon as you become a member, you are provided with access to MyIET. This will be your own personal hub, where you can update your details, tell us what you would like made available to you and even a tool for your continuing professional development (CPD) portfolio.

As a member of the IET you can have training courses provided (some free of charge), where you can get involved and improve on different skills, including vital life skills to use when you get into the world of work. The IET is committed to helping you through both your education and your career, the resources are there to help you, so make sure you are utilising the ones you have available to you.

Here at the IET, we aim to help make the transition from education to full-time work a smooth one. We aim to help students and apprentices from the very beginning. For many young engineers, the IET may be their first point of contact with the engineering community. With our support, we hope to give you the opportunities needed to start a long and happy career in engineering and technology.

The resources available are far too vast to list all of them and if you are after any more information, you can head over to where you can find more information. If this still leaves you with questions, you can contact one of the membership team, where they will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.