How to become a STEM Ambassador

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 31 May 2019

STEM Ambassador Hero Image

The overall role of a STEM ambassador is to inspire and help young people to get involved in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. You will be motivating these young people, they are likely to be between the ages of 4-21. As an ambassador, you will be showing them how to get more involved in these subjects and giving them the opportunity to explore, learn and flourish in STEM. Ultimately, you will be helping them understand if they want to pursue these subjects as a career. Some children may not be interested in these subjects to begin with because they are deemed to be ‘boring’ subjects. As an ambassador, you will challenge that perspective, showing them that these subjects can be fun and creative. By allowing children at a young age to be exposed to the fun behind STEM, they are more likely to develop and find enjoyment in these subjects, hopefully leading them to happy careers in the future.

Why should you become one?

Whether you work in a STEM based job role or simply have a passion for any of the subjects, then you can try and help children understand the importance behind them and show them how STEM can make a difference in the world. Sometimes, getting younger people interested in any of these subjects can be a difficult task and some may have an instant love for them. Which ever the situation, if you are willing to teach and learn from the children, then you should think about becoming an ambassador. You will be able to share your knowledge with younger people and help create the next generation of people working in STEM. You understand that we need people to keep developing our ideas in science and technology. When younger people have something to be passionate about, it gives them motivation and drive, all children deserve something to strive for and you can help them do that with your own passion.

How can it help your career?

Helping younger people find their place in STEM can also help you greatly in your own career. It can open you up to a whole range of different events and networking possibilities. Being a STEM ambassador is more than just sitting in a classroom or teaching children. It’s about hosting and attending a wide range of events and coming up with creative ideas of your own. You may find that you will actually learn something from the children, being around creative individuals can allow creative thinking to flow. It can help you develop communication and teaching skills. Talking to younger people can sometimes be hard, getting them engaged and having the patience to help them is a highly desired skill, being a STEM ambassador can help you improve these skills. It helps you feed your passion, some professionals can become wrapped up in work-life and begin to see their passion fade. It can be easy to forget about WHY you chose a STEM career and being involved in activities like this and being creative whilst helping others can help you remember why you chose our career. Seeing young people learn and flourish within STEM can bring back that enthusiasm. Being a STEM ambassador isn’t just about helping the younger generation, although they are the centre of the programme, it’s about helping you as well.

How do you become a STEM ambassador?

  1. Register as a STEM Ambassador at
  2. Connect to your local STEM Ambassador Hub
  3. Complete your free of charge Enhanced Disclosure Check
  4. Complete an induction
  5. Receive your ID card and become an approved STEM Ambassador
  6. Start volunteering when it suits you!

You could begin volunteering in a huge range of different activities and places. You can become an ambassador for a local STEM club or community group and even get involved with different employers. The goal of an ambassador is to keep young people engaged, so you will have to keep things fun and exciting. Introducing them to a world of STEM is nothing less than exciting, it’s keeping them engaged that’s the fun but challenging part.

As a STEM ambassador you will be introducing young people to the importance of STEM led subjects. Some younger children may not be aware of the importance of STEM on our society and getting them learning and inspired is the only way forward. You will be helping the next generation of engineers and technicians, what else is there to persuade you? You can show young people the reason you were passionate about STEM and show them how they could have the same love for it as you.