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How to do well in an interview as an ‘ENTJ’ personality type: The Commander

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 10 Mar 2021

The Commander Hero Image

Everyone performs differently in interviews and it can be interesting to find out why. This is the first article of many that will focus on one personality type and outline how you can better prepare yourself for interviews based on your personality traits. This week it’s all about ‘The Commander’.

Interviews can be daunting tasks, but for The Commander, it’s a chance for them to showcase their talents and let the employer know just how great they are. If you are an ENTJ type, situations like this may have become like second nature to you. You are, more often than not, highly motivated and always interview ready. However, having such a strong personality type can be tough on other people. You can come across as very full-on and this can be difficult for other personality types to handle in situation, such as an interview. 

You should be able to be who you are but being able to understand your personality and where you can still improve on, can help you in your job seeking. As this personality type, you’re probably already determined to do whatever it takes to improve yourself. So, we have some more detailed information about your personality type and how you could perhaps better yourself to ensure you never miss out on an opportunity again.

What does it mean to be an ENTJ personality type?

It’s likely that you are a very strong-willed person. You are a leader and always motivated to better yourself. The constant motivation to better your career and the dedication you put into your work is inspiring and there is no doubt that you will eventually get what you want in your career.

ENTJ stands for Extraverted, intuitive, thinking and Judging. Having these personality traits help make you a natural leader. You have clear career goals, structure in your work life and you are great at coming up with new ideas.

Where these are great traits to have, they don’t always come across well to other people, especially other people with very different personality types. Often, by having the drive and motivation you have, you find that working by yourself, even when part of a team, is the better way to achieve the results you want. Much like everyone else, where you have very strong strengths, you also do have weaknesses that can affect all aspects of your life.

Your strengths

Strong-willed – It’s likely that you love a challenge. You are motivated to get what you want and once you have made up your mind, it doesn’t really matter what anyone else has to say about it. The determination you have, has probably gotten you very far in life so far.

You are highly productive – You don’t waste time; efficiency is important to you. If you want something, not only do you get it done, but you set a time frame, a schedule and you stick to it. A great quality to have and talk about during interviews.

You’re a natural leader – You find it very easy to lead a team. You know what you should be doing, and you don’t hesitate to let your team know what to do and how to do it. You love being in charge and find it a great challenge to have.

Your weaknesses

For an ENTJ type, it can be hard to accept that you just can’t do everything right, but without your strengths, also come weaknesses. It’s not to say you won’t be able to control these, because with the right amount of work and practice, anything is possible.

You may come across as blunt – People with a strong personality such as your own, can often be very forward and direct about their opinions. You speak directly and to the point, not thinking about how it could offend someone for example. Most people that have this personality trait don’t mean to be purposely rude, they just can’t see the signs.

Arrogance – Everyone has their strengths, ENTJ types just like to boast about their skills rather highly, and why shouldn’t you shout about your achievements? An interview is an important place to talk about your achievements and prove your worth, however, there is such a thing as too much confidence. Your tone of voice shouldn’t seem smug and some people may find that you’re pushing too hard. It can be hard to find the right balance and it will take time to perfect. An ENTJ type may have a lot of pride, so take it step by step.

Growth and development

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, not everyone can be perfect, not matter how hard they try. It’s also important to point out that not everyone is going to like you for who you are, and that’s okay. The point isn’t to try and change yourself but adapt the way you talk and act to certain situations to help the other person feel more comfortable. Interviewers love it when you answer a question with passion but being spoken at and not being able to get a word in, is a different story.

The strengths an ENTJ personality type has are amazing and employers will be looking for your skills but there are a few things you can try to do during interviews, to ensure that you are being polite and keeping the interviewer happy.

  • Listen
  • Value other people and their opinions – even if you don’t feel like they’re correct
  • Try and relax
  • Talk about being a part of a team and not a one-person show
  • Practice restraint – Let them talk, keep yourself calm and under control

These are basic interview behaviours, an etiquette almost. It’s a conversation, so try and let it run smoothly. ENTJ types aren’t all stereotypically the same, everyone is different and may act different. ‘The Commander’ is a strong personality type and when they put their head to it, can accomplish pretty much anything they want. This is no different. Interviews can be a complex system and you want to be seen as the best candidate, with a little bit of practice, you can.

Next week, we explore the ISFJ personality type, otherwise known as ‘The Protector’.