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How to overcome stress and negativity

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 27 Sep 2019

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Looking for a new job can be difficult and at times stressful, but you can always use the negative moments, you may encounter, to drive your ambition and get you one step closer to the job you want. Where stress can not always be avoided, it’s how you pick yourself up and keep moving that is important. Your job search is what you make of it and the more you put yourself into it, the more you will get out of it. Understanding that failure is not a dead end will help you massively. We have some tips on how to deal with stress during your job search, so you don’t get stuck in the same negative cycle.

Stay organised and focused

When you are unorganised, tasks are more likely to pile up. Keeping track of tasks in both your personal life and working life can help you stay positive. You can keep a list of everything you want to achieve that week or day and work your way through it at your own pace. Ticking tasks off your list every day, no matter how small the task, can help keep you focused and motivated. Not everything is going to be quick and easy but using your day to complete even the smallest of tasks can give you a sense of achievement, which can push away negativity you may have towards your job-search.

Meet people

A job search can be a lonely time, especially if you are spending most days working in your current role or job searching. You may find that you begin isolating yourself from the people you work with (if you are job searching with a job) and even your family and friends. You may think you are doing the best thing for you by constantly working but being lonely can cause your stress levels to rise. Make sure you are spending time with friends and family and sharing how you feel. You’ll be surprised what a positive effect it can have on you and your progress with job searching. You may even want to try and meet new people through professional networking events. It may be the best of both worlds.

Don’t put your life on hold

Sometimes, keeping your current job or even having some time off and being unemployed for a while can feel like the end of the world. It’s not always an option for everyone, but you shouldn’t put your life on hold for a job. Try to keep your normal routine going, this can help you keep a sense of normality. If you begin holding everything back and postponing events, you can end up resenting the job you already have and regretting your job search. You don’t want to end a role or even begin a new one negatively. If having your friends and family around you keep you positive, then make sure you are making time. Job seeking is meant to be a rewarding time of your career, don’t ruin it. 

Take a day off

If you begin to feel yourself struggling, it’s important to act on it straight away. Your situation can only get worse if you spend time dwelling on the negatives. Take some time to yourself or have a day off work to get away and spend your day doing something different. Doing the same thing, day in and day out can sometimes cause us to feel stressed. Try something different and see if it helps how you feel about your job search.

Acknowledge the stress and move forward

Often, in stressful situations it can feel easier at the time to just supress the negativity and just keep going. Where this may feel good for the short term, it can affect you badly in the long run. It may be easier to simply acknowledge how you are feeling, take some time to think about it and plan how you are going to get around it. There are many reasons you may feel stress during a job search, you may begin to feel rejected – but it’s important to try and not take this personally. You may begin to feel tired and have a large strain on your personal life. So, try and figure out a balance that works for you. Not everything can be fixed on your own, you may be better off talking to a friend about it as well. Getting it off your stress may be what you need to move forward.

During a job search, there can always be negative aspects of what is meant to be a positive stage in your career. Make sure you are trying these tips, staying healthy and getting plenty of sleep and try and keep your personal life out of the job search. Give yourself the time and space you need in order to succeed and you can deal with the negative aspects that can come with job searching.