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How to reschedule a job interview

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 5 Jul 2019

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When you receive an interview offer you may be very happy to accept straight away and rightly so. Receiving an interview for a job that you wanted, really does fill you with positivity and sometimes a lot of overwhelming emotions. However, a lot of job-seekers really dread rescheduling their job interviews when it’s needed. Many job-seekers think that rescheduling an interview is the worst thing you could possibly do, but if you do it correctly and with professionalism, the interviewer may understand. You need to be prepared and be able to explain your reasoning. Continue reading for more information on how to reschedule your interview efficiently and effectively. 

Contact the interviewer/employer ASAP

As soon as you know that you need to reschedule an interview, make sure you contact the employer. Don’t wait until it is too late, contact them as soon as you think there may be a problem with the timing. Whether that be weeks before the interview or the day of, some things just cannot be helped. It is very important to make sure that you contact them in the correct way as well. You need to think about how urgent the situation may be. If it is weeks before the interview, then you may be able to email the employer and inform them of your situation. Make sure you use a well-structured email format and include any details that you think may be necessary. However, if it is the day of your interview and you have had an emergency or are sick, make sure you call them sooner rather than later. If you turn up to an interview ill, the employer may not be happy, so it’s best to try and get another appointment. Remain professional over the phone and just like if you would have emailed, provide them with any information you think may be of use to them. Make sure that they have your contact details, so if they cannot give you a response then or rearrange at that point in time, they can get back in touch with you with little trouble. If in doubt about emailing at any point in time, it may be best to call them and avoid any confusion. Contacting them rather than not turning up is much more professional and they will appreciate it and will be more likely to rearrange an interview for you.

Don’t panic!

Having to reschedule a job interview can often lead to a mild sense of panic. There are many reasons making you not want to make the call and what ever they may be, try not to panic. Often, the main reason people do not try and reschedule is because they think they will get turned down and lose their one chance. However, most employers should realise that these things happen. Panicking doesn’t often get us anywhere, so remain calm and try your best to contact them. After all, you can only do your best and you’re only human. Things can happen and interrupt our day-to-day lives, so try and not dwell on it for too long.

Have a good enough reason

Make sure you aren’t rescheduling your interview for a trivial reason. This includes cases where you just cannot be bothered, you are running late (when it’s your own fault) or you simply forgot and have other things planned. In this situation, if you are rescheduling an interview, you aren’t helping yourself. You need to be determined and ready to head into the interview with positivity and be ready to seize the opportunity. You don’t want to miss out on anything that may be great for you career, so don’t compromise just because you don’t want to get up. Think about this before you go through with it.

However, there are things that we sometimes just cannot prevent. This can include illness, personal or family emergency or something else of a personal nature. However, it is best to be honest about your situation. They may be an employer that understands that these things happen, so in this situation, honesty is always the best policy.

Thank them and follow up on your conversation

After you have informed the employer of your absence and you have requested a rescheduled appointment, make sure you remain professional, thank them on the phone or over email and always make sure to follow up. It is very good practice to make sure you send them an email or call them back confirming your arrangements and the time and date of your interview. Thank them again and continue to be courteous to the person on the phone or over email. Make sure you turn up to the rescheduled time and it will hopefully ensure them that you may be the right candidate for the role. It’s important to note that you should try your best not to reschedule several times. It won’t look very great and they may not be willing to give you multiple chances.

There may come a time when you must reschedule, and it won’t always be your fault. If you always remain professional and keep them in mind, you are more likely to get invited back for a rescheduled time. Always be positive and never panic, although it may not be something you are looking forward to doing!