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How to stay productive during the summer months

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 9 Jul 2021

Summer at work Hero Image

Most of us look forward to the summertime, warmer and longer days, giving us the opportunity to get out and do the things we love. A lot of you may have gone back to the office in the last couple of weeks or you may still be working from home, either way, wasting your day wishing you were outside probably isn’t the best way to spend your day. If you’re like me, you might find it more difficult to concentrate during the summer months, not only because of the desire to be out doing something else, but the heat can get in the way! Whether you are working or at home looking for a new job, here are some things you can do to make the most of summer and still be productive at work!

Give yourself a break

The best way to concentrate during summer is to give yourself what you want. (In moderation of course) If you want to be outside, take the time to go for a walk at lunch or have something planned after work. If you are getting out, doing things, and keeping a positive attitude, you are more likely to get your work done. Take your breaks, give yourself time to refresh, especially if you don’t do so well in the heat and once finished, get back to work and look forward to a lovely evening.

Try and get outside

Some of you may be lucky enough to get to spend some time outdoors, due to the nature of your job, but if not, being stuck inside all day can halt your motivation. It can be good for you to take some time away from your workspace and get outside, it can have a great effect on your productivity during the working day. These small changes can give you the chance to enjoy the good weather a bit more often and stop you feeling like you’re missing out on the summer days.

If you’re working from home, you could also opt for working outside. If you have a garden or outdoor space, taking some time to work out there, get fresh air can be just what you needed. We all deserve a little bit of sunshine after the grey winter we’ve had.

Switch up your lunch time routine

Doing something different every day on your lunch break can leave you feeling a little more revitalised. Why not bring in a book at lunch and read it outside. Or try going on a walk or run during your lunch break – anything to get you away from your workspace and outside getting some fresh air. Giving yourself designated lunch hours can help break the day up a little. Hopefully, leaving you more motivated to work.

Change the way you commute (If you can)

This one may not be an option for everyone, if you live too far away or you have other responsibilities, it may be easier and quicker for you to keep commuting the way you do. However, if you have the option, why not try a nice walk or cycle in the morning? Not only is it good for your health, but you get to enjoy the weather before and after work. Might be worth testing this out and seeing how it alters your mood.

Manage your time well

Some of you may have the option of flexible working, if so, it may be time to start utilising that opportunity, if you haven’t already, and use it to make the most of those summer days. If possible, you may want to start, and finish work an hour earlier, giving you a little extra time in the evenings. Flexible working allows you a better chance of planning your outside life around your working life. Flexible working can have great benefits for people that use it to their advantage. You can read more about flexible working here.

You may also want to try waking up an hour or so earlier in the morning. Rather than spending the morning time rushing around and trying to get things done, make it a calmer time and even spend it doing something you love. Try reading outside or exercising in the morning instead of later in the day. You may find yourself having a little more energy throughout the day. Make sure you are making the most out of all your days and really enjoying the summer months.

Plan something!

Whether you are planning a holiday or just an evening with friends, having something to look forward too can make you more motivated to get your work done. Working in an office or an inside workspace, does not mean that you are going to miss out on summer. Take your annual leave in these months (if you can) and go and explore somewhere new. A summer holiday is likely to leave your revitalised and ready to work when you come back.

Planning your weekdays well will leave you feeling much better about working during summer as well. Planning ahead of time and making sure that you have plans for after work hours can really help you feel like you are making the most of it. Try and get out as much as possible and try to enjoy your time away from work and your time at work. Working during summer doesn’t have to feel like a drag, it is what you make of it.