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How to work from home and still be productive over the holiday period

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 4 Dec 2020

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This year has definitely been one to remember and for some, the novelty of working from home might have worn off by now. So, let’s talk about the holiday period. Considering 2020 has been full of highs and lows, you definitely deserve to be able to take a little time to relax during the holidays. Working from home over this time may be new to you, but as nice as it is to have a break, it’s important to stay focused and organised to ensure you make the most of this time.

Plan your work schedule

We all have different commitments and work schedules that need our priority. However, the holiday period can throw a lot of stress your way. For some people, their schedule can become very busy or very quiet. Some of you reading this may have children that break up from school, if so, you’ve survived the summer holidays, you can do this.

Make sure you are on schedule with everyone in your home. Split responsibilities and try to stick to work during work hours. It may be easier to plan out your days each morning and prioritise what needs to be done first. Keep it simple and try to stay on track, I know all the festive activities can divert your attention sometimes.

Talk to your employer

By now, your employer should understand that working from home may throw distractions your way. They should be understanding of your situation, so simply ask if you need extra time or maybe hour changes throughout this time. Your managers are probably in the same situation as you are. You both want to ensure the work is being done, so be proactive and solve the problem before it becomes one.

You can celebrate with colleagues

Christmas parties will definitely look a bit different this year but all in all, you can still celebrate with your colleagues! Make sure to still make time for that virtual Christmas party, Christmas lunch or annual quiz. It’s all still possible, you may just have to get a little bit more creative.

But do make time for these things. For some, December working can be dark, cold and a little bit lonely at times. If you feel this way, do speak to someone about it. I’m sure there’ll be a load of volunteers ready to set something up for you all to enjoy. Don’t get used to that lonely feeling, it’s not nice and especially at this time of year.

You might be job seeking!

This is the time of year when some job seekers might take some time away from their search to either relax during the holiday period or because they think progress may be slow. Either way, the more people that take a step back during December, the less competition there is for you. Take it in your stride and try and find the right job for you. For more information about job seeking in December, Click here. 

Whilst other people are taking time away from their job search and settling in for the celebrations, you are out there looking for a new role. You have not given in and slowed down, you are still out there, and this can show employers that you have a lot of determination. Employers want to see passion and drive from their candidates, they want to know that you are really interested in their company. Determination can take you a long way. Keep a schedule, but make sure not to hinder the celebrations!

Make time for the fun parts

Where work is important, you need to be able to find your work-life balance now, more than ever. This year has sucked for a lot of people and you don’t want to look back on your Christmas and think about what could have been. This is a time for family, and you need to make sure you are sticking to work in your work hours and not letting it overlap into your personal time.

Do the things you enjoy and even try and fit in little festive activities into your work breaks. This can break up the day and getting the little (but fun) jobs done can help you feel less stressed in the run up to Christmas. We all know someone that leaves everything until last minute and this year, by using YOUR time as your own time, you can enjoy it at a slower pace!

We’ve all had to adapt to the idea of working from home on a permanent basis and you may or may not be enjoying it. But when it comes to the holidays, you should definitely stay productive and ensure your work is being done, but please do enjoy yourself.

Have a very happy and safe festive season and a very happy New Year – you deserve it! From the E&TJ team