How to write your Professional Registration Application using STAR

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 26 Jul 2019

Professional Registration Hero Image

Professional registration is a status awarded to qualified engineers and technicians. It is awarded by licensed bodies who represent the Engineering Council and is based on your knowledge, demonstration of your competence and your commitment to professionalism.

There are many benefits to registration, some of which include:

  • Recognition as a professional in your field
  • Improved career opportunities and salary prospects
  • Official confirmation of your professional competence

Here at the IET, we can support you with all aspects of the Professional Registration journey, including the submission of your Professional Registration Application. If you are already a member of the IET, all you have to do is log in and apply! (

STAR is a great tool to use when you are completing any application and this technique can definitely help you with your professional registration. STAR provides a structure that can help you form your answers to the written elements of your application.

Situation: Provide details about the situation you were in and how you used your skills. Be specific about the situation. It is important that you use examples from past experience, so make sure you include elements of important projects you have been involved in? Pick an interesting situation that allows you to discuss the skills you have and how you used them. Show that you have learnt something from this experience.

Task: What were your goals? Outline the objective clearly to ensure that your answer is put into context.

Action: The action is very important to your application. It is your chance to talk about what you did and how you approached it. Make sure that you are talking about you and your achievements, even if you were in a team environment. It is your chance to talk about how you achieved your goals. Discuss any steps that you took in detail and make sure that you highlight the steps that you think are most important.

Result: What did you learn from the experience? What ever the outcome was, either good or bad, keep the answer positive. Even if you were unsuccessful, you would have learnt something from the experience and sometimes that can be more important than reaching the goal. You will have accomplished something so don’t be modest. Make sure you are showing the reader your achievements and take the credit you deserve.

When you begin writing your application you need to be able to come up with some strong examples. These need to be examples of any projects you have worked on in the past or present or any valuable experiences you have had throughout your career.

You need to focus on what is important and answer the questions that are asked of you correctly and to the point. Make sure you are giving them what you want, while also showing yourself in a good light. You need to make yourself stand out, use STAR to emphasis this.

STAR can be a powerful tool, it can help your application come to life. It can show the reader how well you have dealt with past experiences. It can show them that you are capable and deserving. Using the approach above can result in a very compelling application.