How will AI improve candidate experience in the technology and engineering recruitment process?

It’s a known fact for job seekers that the recruitment process is very rarely straightforward and simple.

In fact, research by Career Arc found that in a study of 826 job seekers nearly 60% of candidates have had a poor candidate experience. The process that businesses and recruiters take to hire, for both small and large organisations, can be long and full of uncertainty which can cause the candidate to have a negative and sometimes stressful experience. But, the introduction and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recruitment could transform the recruitment process and make it much more positive for the jobseeker.


So, how can we expect AI to change and benefit the technology and engineering recruitment process for jobseekers?

You won’t be left in the lurch

Is there anything more frustrating than spending hours filling out a job application and writing a cover letter, to not hear anything back from the business you’ve applied to? Not only does it make us feel like it was a total waste of time, but it also puts us off wanting to work for the company; 58% of jobseekers have a negative impression of a business if they don’t respond to an application.

With the support of AI, recruiters won’t be able to mistakenly let applications slip through the system without being looked at and, importantly, candidates with the most relevant qualifications and experience will be put to the top of the pile. AI will be able to track your application and keep you updated with it’s process - including whether you’ve been unsuccessful or are on to the next stage. No more constantly checking emails to see if you’ve had a response - hurrah!

The process will be much quicker

As a job hunter, it can often take up to two weeks to find out you’ve got through the initial screening process, another two weeks to schedule an interview and a further three weeks to find out whether you’ve got the job or not. By the time an interview may come around, you might not be feeling impressed with the company - especially if after all the hassle, you don’t get the job.

AI can reduce processing time and ensure the candidate experience is sped up so you don't become disengaged (or forget what the job you applied for was!) Chatbot software is able to screen candidate applications and review them for the essential criteria candidates must have in a matter of minutes. This will enable the bot to immediately let the jobseeker know whether they are on to the next stage of the process and, if not, they can continue with their job search without wasting any time.

The chance of unconscious bias will be reduced

The feeling of being discriminated against in a job application or interview is awful but unfortunately it can happen - often unconsciously on the behalf of the recruiter.

This is where AI steps in. The use of AI in recruitment and the candidate search process will reduce the possibility of unconscious bias from the recruiter. AI can be programmed to ignore information such as gender, race or age and, instead, focus on your skills, qualifications and experience enabling the most talented individuals to shine through. This means job seekers can feel confident that businesses will be seeing your best attributes and what you can bring to the company, without any risks of unconscious bias standing in your way.

If you’re planning on starting the job hunt over the next couple of years, you can expect to see more of AI’s presence. Let’s see if it will significantly improve the process and make it more efficient, timely and positive.

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