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Why should you look for a new role in December?

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 5 Dec 2022

December job hunting

Many people have time off in December, whether that be for the festive period or for some well-deserved rest before the new year begins. The end of the year seems to be a popular time for people to relax, spend time with their families and do anything but focus too heavily on work. However, if you are a job seeker and you’re hoping for a new role early next year, now isn’t the time to put your search on hold. It’s important to take a break but December is just as good a time as any to be looking for a new opportunity. But why?

Hiring new starters may be on the top of recruiters’ lists

There are a few reasons businesses may be eager to hire new employees before the new year. One reason being, they may have some budget leftover. As mentioned above, December can be a quiet time for some companies, so it’s a very good time to have some spare hours for recruitment. They may also be looking for a bigger team for up-and-coming projects in the new year. People do want to have some time off for the holidays, so December can be a very busy month for recruitment. They want it done before they come back in January. This doesn’t mean companies won’t hire in January, it’s just typically a busier time. There are more employers hiring than you think! So, don’t put your search on hold because you think there may be a decline in interviews, don’t let the ball drop because there may be other candidates out there looking for roles whilst you aren’t. 

You may get more attention from recruiters

Although companies with a need for resources and leftover budget may be looking for new recruits, there are job seekers that are taking a long period of time off for the Christmas break. If you’d like to work with recruitment consultants or an agency in your job search, December may be a time you can get a little more of their time to yourself. With employers looking for candidates and job seekers taking time off, it isn’t always as busy as you would think for recruiters. So, if you can, use their time wisely. Discuss potential roles and make sure you let them know you are still an active job seeker. If you choose to use recruiters, they can help find you roles, whilst you are also looking, resulting in potentially finding a role faster. 

It shows you are determined

Whilst other people are taking time away from their job search and settling down for the celebrations, you are out there looking for a new role. You don’t have to spend as much time as you were, because everyone is entitled to a break, but working over the holidays can show drive and passion for a new role. It shows you will work hard when an employer needs you and that you are really interested in their company. Simply showing up and showing a bit of resilience can go a lot further than you may initially think.

There are job openings

If there are people leaving and finding other jobs, that leaves companies with vacancies and plenty of them. Loads of people like to get ready for something different in the new year and companies need employees. Just because you might not be hearing of anything new on LinkedIn or see a wave of new listings on the job seeking sites you use, doesn’t mean there is nothing. Take a look on company specific websites, refine your search and discuss with others around you. There are jobs and probably not as hard to find as you think. 

Schedule your time well

Everyone needs a break and it’s important to take one. You shouldn’t let your job search get in the way of having your well-deserved time off, but don’t forget about it all together. Take the time you need to save jobs if needed and come back to them later. Apply for one role a day, do whatever you need to stay on track and relax at the same time. Remember that businesses and recruiters won’t be working Christmas day and boxing day, so ensure you are doing the same. It’s all about finding a balance that works well for you.

It may give you a great opportunity to get ahead

January is often a very busy month, for both businesses and job seekers. It’s after the holiday period, everyone has work to catch up on and they’re ready to start their new year with a different job or project. You don’t want to get lost in the wave of candidates when you apply for a job. You want to be one step ahead of everyone and already on the employer’s radar. Applying in December doesn’t mean the full hiring process will happen, but you may just have your application ready beforehand and have the upper hand.  

If you wait until January, just like everyone else, there is going to be a lot more applications and a lot more competition. Use the myth that no-one hires in December to your full advantage, you don’t want your application stuck under hundreds of others. Fewer applicants mean a quicker hiring process.

Many job seekers might be tempted to see December as a time for a break. You should definitely take this opportunity to enjoy the festivities and give yourself a bit of a break, but that shouldn’t necessarily mean stopping all together. December is a great time to get ahead, with everyone tired and ready for a break, you can use this as an opportunity to swoop in and get yourself some of the attention you deserve. Show that you are a determined worker and ready to take on temp work (if suitable). Take the opportunities given to you and be ready to start your new year with some great progress.