Job hunting in December

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 2 Dec 2019

Job seeking in December Hero Image

Many job seekers assume that December is a bad time to look for a new job. You may believe that everything is starting to slow down towards the end of the year and people are just ready to head off for Christmas break, but it’s not always that simple. December can be a great time to keep motivated and continue your job search and here are a few reasons why!

Hiring new starters may be on the top recruiters list

There are a few reasons businesses may be eager to hire new employees before the new year. One reason may be because they have leftover budget for the year, and they are eager to set this aside for new recruits! December can be a slow month for some employers, so it can be a good time to set some time aside for interviews and find some new talent. It’s a win-win. Getting ready for the new year rush is another reason, being able to go away on your Christmas holidays and not be worried about hiring in January must be a good feeling. More employers are hiring than you think! So, don’t put your search on hold because you think there may be a decline in interviews.

There may be less competition

This is the time of year when some job seekers might take some time away from their search to either relax during the holiday period or because they think progress may be slow. Either way, the more people that take a step back during December, the less competition there is for you. Take it in your stride and try and find the right job for you.

You may get more attention from recruiters

If you have made the choice to involve recruitment consultants in your job search, December isn’t always the busiest time for them. They are more likely to jump at an opportunity to find you a new job because it’s likely that they may have more time on their hands. If you choose to use recruiters, they can help find you roles, whilst you are actively looking yourself. It can really help speed up your search at this time of year!

It shows you are determined

Whilst other people are taking time away from their job search and settling in for the celebrations, you are out there looking for a new role. You have not given in and slowed down, you are still out there, and this can show employers that you have a lot of determination. Employers want to see passion and drive from their candidates, they want to know that you are really interested in their company. Determination can take you a long way.

Temp-work opportunities are huge

In some cases, December can be a very busy time of year for many reasons. There can be a lot of jobs that need clearing up before the end of the year and this is where you can come in. Some companies look for extra help during the holiday period and require temp employees. If this is something you are interested in, temp roles can gain you a great amount of experience and can help you develop your skills, ready for a new job in January. That’s if they don’t offer you a full-time job after your great performance!

December gives you a great opportunity to get ahead

January is often a very busy month, for both businesses and job seekers. It’s the time after the holidays where everyone comes out of hibernation and is ready to start their new years with a new job. You don’t want to get lost in the wave of candidates when you apply for a job. You want to be one step ahead of everyone and already on the employer’s radar. All parties involved often want to be ready for the January rush before it arrives, so try and stay alert and positive throughout December and you can be ready to start a new role in the new year.

Many job seekers might be tempted to see December as a time for a break. You should definitely take this opportunity to enjoy the festivities and give yourself a bit of a break, but that shouldn’t necessarily mean stopping all together.  December is a great time to get ahead, with everyone tired and ready for a break, you can use this as an opportunity to swoop in and get yourself some of the attention you deserve. Show that you are a determined worker and ready to take on temp work (if suitable). Take the opportunities given to you and be ready to start your new year with some great progress.