June Career Advice Round-Up

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 29 Jun 2021

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E&T Jobs is dedicated to keeping you in the loop with all the best job seeking advice. We aim to help every job seeker, whether you are in your early careers stages or if you’ve been a working professional for a long time. There is always space to learn more about yourself, your job seeking technique and how to understand how interviews are changing.

This month, we have uploaded seven different job seeking articles for you to enjoy, from keeping a positive mindset when job seeking to the different personality types and how they can better themselves when it comes to interviews.

Understanding the ENFP personality type: The Champion

Within this article we discussed the ENFP personality type. The article touches upon what ENFP means, the potential strengths and weaknesses of this particular personality type and what you or others could try to do to improve on said weaknesses. Understanding more about yourself and why you act a certain way can help you analyse and change how you see interviews. Whether you have had no interviews or hundreds, there is always room for improvement. You can read this article by clicking the link above!

Maintaining a positive mindset

When thinking about work, your mental performance is just as important as your physical performance in your job. We often forget about wellbeing and understanding what mental health means to us. This article discusses the things you can be doing to ensure you are able to maintain a positive mindset and stay both mentally and physically healthy. Your wellbeing effects how you can carry out your work on a day-to-day basis and both yourself and your employer should be dedicated to your wellbeing. To continue reading this article, click the link above or head over to the career news and advice area of E&TJ!

Nucleargraduates: The door to your engineering and tech career


Established in 2007 by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, nucleargraduates was created to address critical skills shortages across the UK nuclear industry by recruiting and developing a new generation of talented STEM graduates, resulting in over 450 graduates completing or currently on programme. To read more, click the link above to be taken to the full article!

Understanding the ESTJ Personality type: The Supervisor

The 12th article in the personality series is all about the ESTJ personality type. Learning more about yourself and why you act a certain way can help you realise what you are great at and what you can do to improve yourself and your interview technique. We are all individuals, so this information should be tailored to you. Click the link above to find out more about this type, their potential strengths, and weaknesses and how they can use this information to improve their job search.

How to bounce back after losing your job

Losing your job is never easy and sometimes it’s not a very positive experience. People lose their jobs for a variety of reasons but whether it’s because your contract is ending, you’ve been made redundant or you’ve just moved on, it’s important to know that you are not alone in this. If you have a strong network or friends and family around you, make sure you talk to them about your experiences, because odds are, someone has been through the same thing. This article includes advice on how you can deal with the situation and what you can do to keep moving forward.

Engineering career opportunities with Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems UK is an ambitious and diverse defence business with technology and innovation at its core. Their Director of Programmes and Engineering, Adam Griffiths, took the time to tell us more about his role and the current opportunities available with Elbit Systems UK.

He talks about his experiences with Elbit Systems UK, how he got there and what you can be doing to ensure a job with them. To find out more about Elbit Systems and the current engineering vacancies they have available, click the link above to read the full article!

Understanding the ESFJ personality type: The Provider

The ESFJ personality type are conscientious helpers, they are sensitive to the needs of others and will always live by their responsibilities. They are very attentive to the people around them and try to provide the love and support the people around them need. Hence why they are also known as The Provider.

This is the 13th article in the personality series, and it explores the strengths, weaknesses and potential improvements an ESFJ can make to improve their job seeking and interview techniques.

That concludes the June content round-up, more new job seeking related articles will be coming your way next week!