Is it Time to Spring Clean Your CV?

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published On: 7 Mar 2019

The new season is upon us and it’s usually that time of year where we have the urge to tidy up the messier aspects of our lives. Typically, we stick to tidying our homes or cars, but have you considered having a look over your CV? Depending on where you are in your career, your CV can begin to look a bit unfinished or outdated. Whether you are a budding professional or you’ve been working for 20 years, you should already have the basics of a CV, so you won’t necessarily be starting from scratch. You can keep the fundamentals of your CV and work around them. 

Both You and Your Skills Change

Whether you were studying at university, taking part in an apprenticeship or working, your skill set has developed since the last time you updated your CV. Your skills can be one of the most important sections on your CV, so this should be updated immediately. You may also have certain skills noted on your CV that are no longer in-sync with new forms of technology, so make sure you are aware of any advances and use this to your advantage. Don’t disregard these skills, just refresh your knowledge if needed.

Updating your personal statement should also be an immediate action. You may have new interests and new aspirations for your next job, make sure this is relevant to the employer, show them you want the job they are offering.

Your Personal Statement

It is important to think of your personal statement as something you can easily change as you apply for different jobs, you should be constantly altering this section. Your personal statement should include your aspirations, career goals and what you want to get out of the role they’re offering – which is why it is important to change this for each role you apply for. Your personal statement should be placed at the top of your CV, it’s typically where employers begin reading, so if they believe you could be a good candidate after simply reading your statement, you’ve helped yourself out massively. Put a bit of your personality into your personal statement, it gives the employer somewhat of an idea of how you may interact with the current team.

Take this Opportunity to Learn Something New

During your job search you may find that there are some job requirements that you do not have developed knowledge on. You can take the time to learn about something new and develop your skills, whatever your current career position. Depending on the skill, there can be ways around knowledge gaps. This is not necessarily an option if you need to have a specific qualification, but there is always the choice to use the tools you have at home. There are plenty of online courses available that can improve understanding if you need a brush up, or just researching the specific topic and taking some time to read and learn can show the employer that you are really devoted to the job already.

Make Sure it is Up-to-date and Relevant

When you ask yourself if your CV is relevant, you should consider if any of the content may be futile to the employer you are targeting. Depending on how much experience you may have, you may want to stay away from part time jobs you did before your current career started. Alternatively, if you are starting out in your career, you can use these part-time jobs to talk about team work and ambition. They can be the catalyst for the job you really want. However, it’s important to understand whether they will have an impact on the look of your CV. Relevant qualifications for different employers should additionally be investigated. Some employers want to know your O-levels or GCSE’s but for others this is not a requirement. It’s important to read the job spec thoroughly and do some research around the company. You can get to know what they do and who they are and see what adjustments should be made to your CV before you apply.

We all need a spring clean, it’s refreshing and can give us a sense of relief to relieve some negative emotions. Don’t miss the opportunity to give your CV a dusting. Even if you are not currently looking for a role, it can save you hours the next time you need a change.