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The importance of consistency in job seeking

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 14 Aug 2020

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Consistency can be important in any part of life and your job search deserves no less. It’s all about making a commitment to yourself and trying to reach goals you have set out for yourself. Being dedicated to yourself and your professional development will only help you see bigger and better results. Your ability to stay consistent within your work shows how much you really care about it. Job seeking can be a little bit tedious for some people, especially when they have many hours working on a single job or task. However, being able to move past the hurdle and carry on is how you will achieve your goals. Hopefully you understand the importance of this skill and we have some tips on how you can improve your job search and help you reach your important goals.

Your attitude

It’s easy to come up with a plan, but actually sticking to it after you hit a bump in the road is important. Things will go wrong, it’s inevitable. However, being able to get back up, believe in your abilities and keep going can make your job search more successful. A positive attitude can go a long way and some days, this is easier said than done. We all know that we can have those days where nothing goes to plan, and you may feel a bit defeated. Defeat is only one step on the road to success. Most people don’t want to fail, but it’s what makes us better people. Be determined to carry on, repetition can get boring, but a consistent positive attitude can help you get the job you deserve.


Being consistent is going to take some determination. You need to be able to have a schedule that you can stick to. Make sure to work it around your other daily commitments. So, if you are currently unemployed, you should have daily tasks, plans or lists, what ever works for you. You can work job seeking into your everyday life. If you are currently working whilst job seeking, you should set aside certain hours of the day for job seeking and try to stick to those. If you are unemployed, then try and dedicate more of your day to job seeking tasks.

Sometimes, being consistent means having to do things that you might not always want to do. However, getting up and doing it despite these feelings is how you build routine. Having self-discipline means sometimes putting off what you really want to do, in favour of long-term success. Where routine is important, make sure you are giving yourself a day off, you need to be well rested to achieve your goals.

It’s not about speed

Consistency is not about speed, it’s about regularity and pace. Establish your routine, but make sure you are doing it at your own speed. Everyone works at different paces and you should avoid comparing yourself to others and working too fast. You want to do things right and if you are doing things at a speed that doesn’t work for you, your work can become sloppy and disorganised. Do everything to your highest standard and at your own pace. Get into a routine and it should come naturally.

Patience and clarity

Know what you want and work out how you are going to get it. Be clear of your goals and then you will be able to plan how to reach them. If you know what you want and when you want to achieve your goals, you are more likely to keep in routine, stick to plan and be consistent. However, it’s important to be patient. Not everything comes easy and when job seeking, nothing gets handed to us. Sometimes finding a job can be easy, other times it can take longer than we originally anticipated. Patience is the key here. Keep going and believe that you will find a job if you stick to your plan. Patience can help lead us to our goals and realise that success will come if we keep pushing and being consistent.

Showing up is the most important thing

None of us are perfect and sometimes we have days where everything can seem impossible. If you are having an off day, make sure that you are still getting up and showing up! Try and do just one thing on your list, this can help you feel accomplished and maybe help you feel determined to carry on. It’s hard but it is rewarding. By simply showing up and trying, you have already shown determination and discipline. Regardless of whether you finish your daily tasks, or you just tick off one thing, be proud that you showed up.

Consistency can take time and practice and it definitely takes perseverance. You have to want to reach your goals. As soon as you know what you want and why you want it, being consistent and showing up everyday can become easier. You have to trust in yourself and be committed. If you are able to do this, then consistency will become easier. You will become a better job seeker and a better professional because of it.