UTC Aerospace Systems are recruiting – meet Mark, Consulting Engineer

UTC Aerospace Systems are recruiting – meet Mark, Consulting Engineer

Mark Marshall, Consulting Engineer at UTC Aerospace Systems - after a year in his job, Mark tells us about his experience working at UTC’s Plymouth facility and moving to the area.

Mark Marshall at work in the Plymouth offices

Mark Marshall at work in the Plymouth offices of UTC Aerospace Systems.

Tell me what you are working on at UTC Aerospace Systems?

I am involved in developing new combination of inertial measurement systems that use our proprietary micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology to bring greater levels of precision to guidance, navigation and stabilisation.

What do you enjoy about your job?

These are exciting times as new opportunities are arising for our products across a diversity of markets. This means I enjoy a great deal of day to day variety working within my small team. I enjoy working with my colleagues to explore the engineering options and challenges to ensure we solve each potential customer’s unique performance needs – whatever the application: from stabilising a platform to surveying land or guiding a device to a target. Each new opportunity presents new challenges!

What are the main challenges you face?

Our main challenge is not unusual at all – it is ensuring we fully understand and meet the requirements of all the parties involved in the process internally – whether in business development, finance or management.   We are a streamlined business of just over 270 people who all work closely together which does make it much simpler to understand, and respond to, the various points of view.

As you come to the end of your first year, what do you like about working in this business? Is there a good community spirit? What sort of activities does the company encourage and support?

There is a strong, supportive culture and while the work is as interesting and challenging as I would have hoped, the company also recognises the importance of the work/life balance.  The culture and the office layout work well and encourage openness and team work. There is an excellent canteen, with great food, a friendly atmosphere and where we can hold informal meetings and socialise.  The company also encourages all aspects of a healthy lifestyle - we have regular ‘wellness days’ where we can take part in any number of activities, and a cycle to work scheme with changing rooms on site for all those who make their way to work under their own steam!  The company is active in the local community and a local charity is identified each year that we raise money for, participate in a huge range of often crazy fundraising events!  And finally, the company places a strong emphasis on training and on continuing education, which is very easy to take up and very welcome.

Tell us about your career before you joined UTC Aerospace Systems?

I graduated with a PhD from Cambridge University and have worked in engineering R&D, focusing on new products for the industrial and medical sectors. I have been involved in initiatives that have led to the introduction of several unique class-leading products and several named-inventor patents.

What was the transition to the new job like - and to living in the south west?  

I felt some apprehension transferring to a new industrial sector (to aerospace from medical) but my engineering training and the consistent disciplines in this, combined with the support from the local team, have made the work transition easy.  

In terms of the move geographically, I grew up in Cornwall and then moved away for university, always returning at least once a year.  So, I was very familiar with the area and knew I wanted to return to this great lifestyle.  People here are more relaxed (letting you out at road junctions!), always chatty and friendly. And I can be surfing at the coast in the morning and walking on Dartmoor a little later – both are within half an hour of home!

A year on, do you like living in Plymouth/the south west? If so, why?

The quality of life in the south west is great. We have a gentle climate, we are near to a variety of beautiful coastlines with blue flag beaches, the air is cleaner and there are plenty of open spaces not to mention a national park! There is a slower pace of life and a more balanced focus on life.

What advice would you give someone considering joining UTAS in Plymouth?

I feel very happy about every aspect of the move.  The Plymouth location is great and the company so global that there are many opportunities’ locally and internationally, to progress.  There was excellent support during the move here and we settled in quickly.  If you’re considering joining, I would say ‘do it’ - You won’t regret it.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I love what I do and hope to continue with it - leading a successful engineering team with a good career - and also living the dream!

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