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What are the benefits of becoming professionally registered?

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 10 Jun 2022

Professional Registration 2 Hero Image

Professional registration can be a huge milestone in any engineer’s career. It demonstrates that you have been recognised to have a high standard of competence and knowledge in your chosen engineering field and it acknowledges your commitment to maintaining that competence in the future.

The Professional Registration team within the IET can help you with all aspects of your application and further journey to becoming a fully registered engineer. So why should you consider Professional Registration and how can it help you further develop your engineering career?

There is no single reason as to why you should consider submitting an application and starting your journey, there are multiple reasons and we are not only here to discuss why this could help you become the engineer that you want, but how we can help you achieve this goal.

Here are just some of the benefits of becoming professionally registered with the IET:

  • Recognition as a professional in your field
  • Improved career opportunities and salary prospects
  • Greater influence within organisation and industry
  • Official confirmation of your professional competence
  • Opportunities to connect with influential people
  • International recognition of your qualifications

Professional registration is what you make of it. It is formally about receiving a recognition for your successes and showing employers and other people in your network that you are committed. However, Professional Registration can help you build on your self-confidence and industry skills as well. This experience can open you up to a whole new world of opportunities and people that you may not have had the chance to do before.

The IET can be used as a touchpoint of communication with likeminded and experienced experts in your field of practice. They can help you through all steps in your application and when you are registered, the teams can help you through other steps in your career. The IET can be used as a resource for any issues or questions you may have. So, give us a call!

If you would like to find out more information on how to begin your Professional Registration journey, or you’d just like to have a chat to find out more, Lucy Byrne can help you with all and any questions you may have. Lucy is the IET’s Professional Registration Engagement Manager, and you can find her details below if you do wish to get in touch.

 (0)1438 767 307

 (0) 7936 341 416

Some of our successfully registered engineers would like to share their stories with you.

Professional Registration is a journey and one that is different for everyone. Just as your career is, you should tailor your application and journey to you. No one application is the same and there may be challenges. But as you will read below, it is worth it!

Giovanni Sobrero - CEng

Giovanni achieved Chartered Engineer (CEng) registration at the age of 26 and is now focused on becoming a Fellow as soon as he can.

Giovanni Sobrero recently joined Amazon as an Area Manager after four years working at Rolls-Royce.

An ambitious and proactive individual, Giovanni has always been eager to take advantage of any opportunities available to him and joined the IET after discovering the organisation through his graduate scheme.

“I wanted to be a member as it offered a more flexible approach to Professional Registration, and it was also the perfect mix between mechanical and electronics, which combined my academic qualifications.”

Straight away he became an active member of the engineering community, engaging with his Local Network in Birmingham and attending personal and professional development events that “definitely fuelled my growth”.

You can read more about Giovanni’s journey, by clicking the link above!

Mikela Chatzimichailidou - CEng

Parallel to her move from academia to industry, Dr Mikela Chatzimichailidou worked towards becoming a Chartered Engineer (CEng).

Professional Registration first came to Mikela’s attention while she was still in academia. A colleague from industry talked about his journey to becoming a Chartered Engineer (CEng), and she was keen to find out more.

“I was interested in finding out if this was something I could work towards myself,” she enthuses. “I wanted to start a new trend, and to motivate other academics to join me.”

Supported by the IET’s Registration Engagement Manager, she’s continuing her Professional Development journey, and hopes to inspire other academics and professionals with versatile experience to apply for Professional Registration.

Phillipa Rodney - CEng

Phillipa lives and breathes mentoring and is using her status as a Chartered Engineer to inspire others to become Professionally Registered.

Phillipa Rodney is an Engineering Manager at insurtech company Zego, where she works closely with engineers, product managers and engineering managers whilst leading the business’ platform teams.

“I feel strongly about personal and professional development and want to help my engineers along their career journeys, so you’ll always find me getting involved in all sorts of engineering initiatives,” she says.

“Diversity and inclusion are also very important to me, so currently I’m working with my peers and talent team to look at how we can make our hiring process more inclusive.”

To read more and find out what our registered engineers had to say, head over to their profiles by clicking their names above.

As you can see, the opportunities can be endless. If you do feel like you are ready to start your application, please contact Lucy. Or click here to fill in an application form.

Even if you’re not quite ready yet and have some questions, feel free to get in touch. We’re here to help make the process go as smooth as possible.