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What are the benefits of e-learning for engineers?

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 4 May 2020

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Sometimes traditional in-class learning isn’t suitable for everyone. People have different learning preferences; some might prefer learning whilst they work, and others may have commitments that stop them attending university or college courses. Whatever your reason, online learning can make it easier for some people to learn new skills and develop their careers in their own way. E-learning is a great way to expand your knowledge and can have several different benefits, so if you’ve been thinking about online learning, but haven’t got around to applying yet, here’s why it might benefit you.

Career advancement, Increased income

If you are already working in an industry you love but want to grow and learn new skills so you can move up the career ladder, then e-learning is a great place for you to start. Unlike face-to-face classes, you don’t have to do your learning at a specific time or part of the day, you can do it when it suits you. Meaning you can keep your job and not have to worry about prioritising one over the other. A lot of people think they have to give up what they already have to further their education, but this isn’t the case. Online learning allows to you learn and grow, whilst still earning. This is a huge problem for so many, so it’s good to know that this is another option. Engineering in particular can be a very demanding career, e-learning can help you fit everything around your own schedule. 

You can turn your hobby into a career

In some cases, people might want to learn skills for a new trade. It’s the same idea as above. If you are in a job or industry you want to get out of, you can make your hobby a reality. If you have a keen interest in engineering but are stuck doing something else because of life’s other commitments, then don’t quit your job and you can earn qualifications on the side.

Allows you to work on self-discipline and self-motivation

When you are learning online, there are no specific hours that you have to work and there are no classes for lecturers/teachers to push you to do the work you have been assigned. Some people may see this as a negative point, but you can take this opportunity to really test your self-discipline. After a day of work or taking care of your family, you might want to just sit down, have a cup of tea and binge Netflix, however, it’s the discipline, motivation and passion for a subject that will get you on that computer and completing the work. Sometimes, just like university or college, you will need a break, but pushing yourself to work, learn and better yourself is a skill that can’t be taught. It’s a skill that holds a lot of worth in any industry and is a great skill to learn during this process.

Better learning environment

Everyone has their own style of learning and each person is going to be different. For some, the traditional classroom just doesn’t help them concentrate. If you are one of these people, then e-learning gives you the opportunity to learn wherever you want. This can be at home in bed, in an office space or even outside on a nice sunny day. The point is, you can create your own optimum learning environment. You don’t have to be stuck inside looking at a power point presentation, you can make your space your own. It can sometimes be better to concentrate when you have the comforts of home around you.

Avoid the commute

Another benefit of learning online is the accessibility. You can do it anywhere; all you need is an internet connection, your device and you’re good to go. You don’t have to waste your valuable time commuting to work and then travelling to university or college. Your classroom is anywhere you want it to be and in time, this of course, saves money as well as time.

Lower costs

Other forms of education can be extremely expensive and if you’re someone that likes to pick and choose where you work, then being stuck in a classroom or workspace just doesn’t seem worth the high cost of further education. Most online courses come with a cost, but the majority of the time, it is nowhere near as expensive as traditional higher education. You can learn on a budget, as well as in your own time, making it a worthy investment.

You are provided with great communication tools

You might be thinking this all sounds well and good, but are you going to have the support you require to succeed? The answer is simply, yes. Most online courses you sign up to will have a designated teacher that you can get in touch with. This will be the person you go to for questions and are likely to be the ones that will be marking any work you hand in. You are not alone in this process at all. You are provided with a bunch of tools that can help you communicate with not only your teachers, but your online peers. There are likely to be discussion boards that you can take part in, access to email addresses and plenty of feedback to help you improve. Just because you are working independently, does not mean that you are alone. E-learning gives you the opportunity to network with people around the world. It’s a great opportunity to make new contacts and really broaden your horizon with new and interesting connections.

Online learning has a lot of benefits and depending on your learning preferences, might be the answer you have been looking for. It is extremely convenient and gives you the time and flexibility to be able to learn new skills and complete your chosen courses around the commitments you already have. Your learning shouldn’t have to take the backseat, you can learn in a way that suits you, with plenty of help there if you need it. There are loads of platforms that can help you with this and hundreds of courses for you to choose from. The IET’s Academy is a mobile training resource where engineers can access trusted, expert courses designed for engineers. So, if you think you are ready to give this a go, Click here to see what Academy can help you with!