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What are the benefits to temporary and part-time roles?

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 16 Sep 2022

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A ‘typical’ 9-5 full time job isn’t for everyone. It’s not always suitable for their lifestyle and just not viable for some for many different reasons. Temporary and part time roles are available for a number of reasons but being able to work at times that suit you better than the ‘norm’ and on a fixed contract, are better options for a lot of professionals.  

Temporary jobs stereotypically have sometimes been given a bad name, this comes from the now out-of-date idea that people should stay in one job and make progress through that company for on-going job security. Temporary contracts, like everything else, have pros and cons for every job-seeker. As an individual, your job search should always be tailored to you and your needs and strive for the work-life balance that is right for you. 

The same thing can be said about part-time jobs. There can be many reasons why a person can only work a set number of hours each week, including the fact that they might just not want to work full-time. 

The benefits of temporary contracts

You’re in control

With temporary jobs, the biggest benefit can be flexibility. You get to choose when you work and when you are out of contract. You can also be flexible where you work, the perks of temp work and home working can really help you get the balance you desire. You may have more control in a temp job because you are able to shape it around your personal life and other commitments you may have. 

The potential to learn new skills from different employers

When you are working various jobs, either at the same time or one after the other, you may get the opportunity to work in a variety of different businesses or industry sectors. If you aren’t quite sure which career path is right for you, fixed term contracts can be a good way of finding your passion. 

You have the opportunity to expand your knowledge, learn new skills and find something that may suit you long-term if you are striving for that one day. Different employers may provide you with different training opportunities that can lead to a huge range of skills. 

Networking opportunities

When you are working in a number of places, you are always meeting new people. Growing your network can be a great way to meet new people, find future opportunities and learn from others. 

An advantage of temporary employment can be that you are able to move around, between different employers and job roles. If you like working for an employer, you should work hard and may be invited back in future. Knowing people in any industry can really help your future opportunities, so getting to know as many people as you can and even after you leave it’s good to keep in contact with them via LinkedIn etc.

Your skills are in demand

Temporary workers are always needed in many organisations. Employers may need temp engineers for many reasons, but the career growing opportunities can be endless. You may be required for employee absence, work cover or new projects that need more talent. 

Temporary employees can also help to maintain permanent staff flexibility. No company should over-work their employees and by using temp staff, it means their current staff don’t have to push themselves too hard and can still maintain a good work-life balance. Temping is currently increasing in popularity, and it is beneficial to both the worker and the employer.

What about part-time roles?

Temporary roles and part-time roles can be seen as one in the same. They are not your ‘typical’ full-time role that you are usually expected to have. They are options, for when ‘normal’ just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

You can have work around hours

Depending on your employer and their policies, when you start a part-time role, you may have options as to what hours you work. However, not all are the same, so make sure to double check this when applying for roles. Part-time typically means that you don’t work the standard 40 hour+ weeks that other employees may do. You are likely to have a set number of hours or days for the week, so understand when an employer is asking you to work and if you can find the right balance for you.  

It may be better for your personal life

There is no one reason for wanting to work part-time instead of full-time. So, whether you need to cover childcare, you are a carer for a loved one or any other reason, part-time might help you balance work and life to ensure you are staying physically and mentally healthy. 

So, when part-time roles present themselves as opportunities, you should take them. Much like temporary roles, you can be in control of your hours and able to fit-in everything you need to into the day. 

The ability to pursue other projects

Part-time work isn’t always about not having the time but giving yourself the time to be able to do and work on other projects. You might have other work-related projects you want to be involved in and that is a perfectly viable reason. Personal develop plans should be tailored to you and if you have a skill you want to learn, role you want to be doing on the side, then make sure you do it! Work should be about you being happy in your role, so do everything you can to make sure you are. 

What else should you know before making a decision?

Temp work is not permanent – it’s in the name. So, you can decide what happens next. Whether it is a new route into a fresh industry or whether you want to further develop the skills you have where you are. Finding temp-work can be a draining task, but very rewarding if you are looking to develop skills and increase industry knowledge. 

Part-time work can be a little bit simpler to navigate. You usually work for a single employer, just on a part-time basis. But being able to have the hours that suit you and still have career progression in a single company if you want it, can be a big bonus for some professionals. 

You have to choose the one that suits you best. There are advantages to both and although similar and often mistaken for one another, they do have their differences. You should consider how temp or part-time work fits into your development plan. Think about your goals, research roles you would like to do and start from there! Every job seeking journey is different and takes time, but it’s important to know that there is a path for everyone. Tailor it to you!