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Why Choose a Career in Computer Engineering?

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 9 Mar 2022

Computer Engineering Hero Image

Choosing a career in engineering means having to choose between the many different sectors and practices. The plus side is there is so many, your skills will always be needed. Engineering can be both an exciting and challenging career to choose, but the benefits that come with it are worth pursuing.  Have you always been interested in a career in computer engineering or are you wondering where your skills may take you? If you are looking into this sector then there is so much to be excited about and if you are looking to re-train in a new profession, this could be the one for you and let me tell you why.

What is computer engineering?

Computer engineering is a sector that combines electrical engineering with computer science. Computer engineers can do many things, including designing, developing systems and even working with robotics and AI. It covers multiple sectors including electrical and even healthcare. This sector can help you pursue a career that really makes a difference.

Technology is always evolving, and we need STEM professionals in all of the following fields:

  • Software engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Systems engineering

And so many more! Much like other engineering sectors, there can be something for everyone and there is still a skills shortage so many employers are constantly looking for engineers like you to fill the gaps in their workforce.

Why computer engineering?

There is constant innovation – Technology is forever changing, there are new ideas, updates to existing technology and standards are being constantly updated. There is always something to do and always someone that needs to be doing it. Because things are constantly changing, there is always opportunity to learn and update your skills as well. Long story short, you would never be bored or fed up with doing the same thing. It requires skill and the want to learn.

Skills are needed – One advantage of a computer-based engineering career, is that engineers are always in demand. Companies need engineers like you to do the work, find the problems and create solutions. Engineers that are trained in this sector are extremely valuable and it’s likely to stay this way for a long time.

The skills you will learn are adaptable – The skills you will learn throughout your computer engineering career are fully adaptable. There will always be room for you to progress and improve yourself as a professional and if you choose to change career, your skills are highly sought after and transferable.

Opportunity to work anywhere – The great thing about computer technology is that it allows us to work and connect to people from pretty much anywhere. This career can be very mobile, so whether you want to work in an office, at home or in a shared space, this option may be open to you. Computer based careers in engineering can be very convenient, they are always on and an be anywhere. Meaning, it can open you up to a lot of flexible working arrangements.

What roles could you do?

As mentioned above, there are a lot of different jobs and opportunities a career in computer engineering could bring you.

  • Hardware Systems – Engineers responsible for the development of a number of products. This could be anything from game consoles, phones to automotive systems.
  • Robotics – A career in robotics can lead you to doing a whole different range of things day-to-day. From designing and developing robotic prototypes to ensuring that they run safely. A job in this sector can be interesting and bring a lot of new innovation. They are always looking for people with new and great ideas. Definitely a job for someone creative.
  • Network security – This career means you are likely to protect systems from cyber threats. You work with other engineers to secure their network security and prevent threats from happening again. There can be a lot of trial and error, so good for someone with problem-solving skills.
  • Software engineering – Software engineers develop, design and test applications that they use or have built. This can include working on products like online games, computer applications and even network control systems. There is a lot to choose from!

This of course, is only a handful of the things you can choose if you want a career in computer engineering. There is a world of opportunities out there, you just have to take your pick.

How to become a computer engineer?

Most employers will be looking for someone with a degree level of education. Some employers look for candidates with a degree in computer engineering, but this is very broad. However, with the relevant skills, there is always a chance of re-training so there is no need to worry if computer engineering is a new interest to you. Re-training, upskilling and transferable skills are all viable options when changing career.

It’s not all about the degrees though. There are apprenticeship schemes and if you just don’t think university is for you, you don’t need to rule anything out. Have a look and see what is on offer.