Why December is actually a good time of year to job hunt

It’s common to assume that December isn’t a good time of year to do anything productive. In some cases, this can be to your advantage. In the topic of job hunting, you may find that getting your job seeking game on at this time of year could be very beneficial! Here’s why:


More time

December can give you the gift of time when it comes to looking for a new job. General workloads tend to ease off which means you have more time to think about which direction you want your career to go in. Take some time to refresh your CV, have a look on job boards and get the ball rolling. Starting a job hunt is never easy, but it’s a darn sight easier to do when you have fewer distractions at work. At the same time this means that employers may have more time to take a look at your application!

Your determination will shine through

Because December is a slow month for productivity (generally speaking), it’s easy to lose motivation with your job hunt. But, if you keep at it during December when there’s plenty of distraction, employers will see this as grim determination on your part which may earn you extra kudos. Instead of job seeking in January like everyone else, you’re jumping the gun and being proactive. Job hunting actively in December can be seen as you taking the initiative.

Networking opportunities

The holiday period is a great time to network with old and new friends as well as colleagues. If your friend works for a company where you’d like to be employed, see if you can go with them to their Christmas party. You never know – you could grab some great opportunities.

Ultimately, you need to be having a good time at these events, but you should take the chance to catch up on a professional standpoint too. Maybe you can call on them later for a favour or the possibility of an interview. Some of your other colleagues may be interested in job hunting too, so be careful how you network at these events. You don’t want to come across as an obvious job seeker at work, as this could lead to some difficulties when you go back in January!

However, it’s important to get the balance right. Some people won’t be in the same mind set as you this time of year, so it’s important not to alienate them with your CV keywords…

Temporary work

There’s lots of temporary work available during November/December, so it’s a good idea to seek out these opportunities. Some of them may be work experience or volunteering prospects which can get you the experience you might need to land your next big job. However, the best time to find these opportunities is September/October.

You’ve got the momentum-edge

It takes a while to get into the job hunting ‘groove’. Tidying up your CV can take more time than you think, as well as finding the right job for you and tailoring your application towards that job in question. It also takes time to get into the job hunting mind set. You need to have plenty of motivation and energy to sustain an active vacancy search. When you job hunt in December, you’ll have the momentum in the New Year whilst everyone else is still probably finding their CVs amongst many obscure Word files from 2008.

The timing might be better for their budgets

A lot of companies have budgets that they need to spend by the end of each year or they lose it altogether. Because of this, they might hire people in December to prepare for January when their budgets may be a little tighter. As a job seeker, it’s important to take advantage of this while you can because these could be the best opportunities in the year.

Other times, companies give big bonuses at the end of the year and as such, people may wait to take their bonus before they leave. Therefore, more vacancies open for keen December job hunters!

Generally, there’s a lot less competition for jobs in December. You can get even more ahead of the game by sending festive cards to hiring managers at various companies. People love to have cards on their desk (even if they’re generic). This simple gesture can make you really stand out from other December job seekers, and when said manager returns to work in January, they may still have your card on their desk so you’ll be first in line on their contact list.

It’s important to remember to wind down a little bit during the holidays too. It’s never a good idea to get desperate when you’re job hunting, so giving yourself a little leeway to relax can be beneficial so you can review your position. Good luck with your December job hunt!

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