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Why should I carry on my job search in December?

Written by: Charlotte Rogers
Published on: 1 Dec 2021

Christmas Job Search Hero Image

Why do we stop job hunting in December? Most job seekers just assume that December is a bad time to look for a new job because of the holiday period and everything starting to slow down for the end of the year. However, it’s not that simple. As much as people would like to wind-down before Christmas there is still so much work to be done and this includes hiring new people ready for the January rush. December can be just as good a time as any to look for a new job and here are just a few of the reasons why.

There is still budget left

Companies will have a set budget for the year and a lot of them have to use it before their time is up. Hiring new employees is a must and why leave that for January when you can have skilled engineers ready to start in time for when things get back to normal. December can be extremely busy for a lot of people, but jobs are still being posted and looking to be filled. It doesn’t matter that it’s the holiday period, talent needs to be found before their budget is gone.

Also, December can be a great time for you to accept a new job for many reasons. For many, the holidays are a time where you relax and wind down with family and friends. What’s better than this to prepare you physically and mentally for a new job. It’s a good chance to start afresh and ensure your new year has a new start.

There may be less competition

If you originally thought that December was a bad time to job search, then you aren’t the only one. Loads of people take breaks and think it’s not worth it around this time of year, so get ahead, swoop in and steal the limelight. The less people looking for a job, the better chances you have, especially in a very competitive job market. I’m not saying don’t take the break you need but do bits here and there and ensure you are making the most of it.

Massive opportunity to get ahead

If you wait until January, just like everyone else, there is going to be a lot more applications and a lot more competition. Use the myth that no-one hires in December to your full advantage, you don’t want your application stuck under hundreds of others. Fewer applicants mean a quicker hiring process.

January is often a very busy month, for both businesses and job seekers. It’s the time after the holidays where everyone comes out of hibernation and is ready to start their new years with a new job. Be one step ahead of everyone and already on the employer’s radar.

There are job openings

If there are people leaving and finding other jobs, that leaves companies with vacancies and plenty of them. Loads of people like to get ready for something different in the new year and companies need employees.

Recruiters need to hit their targets

If you have made the choice to involve recruitment consultants in your job search, December isn’t always the busiest time for them. They are more likely to jump at an opportunity to find you a new job because it’s likely that they may have more time on their hands. If you choose to use recruiters, they can help find you roles, whilst you are actively looking yourself. It can really help speed up your search at this time of year!

Stay motivated

Whilst other people are taking time away from their job search and settling in for the celebrations, you are out there looking for a new role. You have not given in and slowed down, you are still out there, and this can show employers that you have a lot of determination. Employers want to see passion and drive from their candidates, they want to know that you are really interested in their company. Determination can take you a long way.

Schedule your time well

Everyone needs a break and it’s important to take one. You shouldn’t let your job search get in the way of having your well-deserved time off, but don’t forget about it all together. Take the time you need to save jobs if needed and come back to them later. Apply for one role a day, do whatever you need to stay on track and relax at the same time. Remember that businesses and recruiters won’t be working Christmas day and boxing day, so ensure you are doing the same. It’s all about finding a balance that works well for you.