Your LinkedIn Profile Probably Needs a Boost- Read Our Tips!

The best way to describe LinkedIn is that it’s pretty much a professional version of Facebook. If you want to land that dream job, you’re going to have to build a significant profile. According to Expanded Ramblings, LinkedIn has over 350 million registered users. Most of these users won’t be looking for the same job(s) you are, but there’s still a lot of competition out there in the digital world. There are 2 new LinkedIn members per second, so by the time you’ve finished reading this paragraph, there’s been about 20 members already signed up.

Don’t panic! They might be registering on the website and thinking the recruiter will go straight to them. Unless you’ve kitted out your profile with the best content, it’ll lie dormant within the confines of the internet, attracting nobody but yourself if you even remember to check it. Here are our top tips for LinkedIn profile success:

  • Get a good picture
    First things first, you’re going to need a decent profile photo that’s up to date and professional. The festival you went to last weekend sure was fun, but recruiters don’t want to see a topless photo of you covered in face paint. Spend some time taking a decent ‘head shot style’ photo.
  • Be accurate about where you currently work
    This is VERY important. Make sure the company’s logo is up to date when you list your current job title. Make note of any key achievements you’ve made in your role and make sure you highlight these. There’s no need to dumb down your role either. Recruiters in your industry will be impressed with your technical knowledge. Keywords are a good method of being at the top of those recruiter searches.
  • Show off your job!
    Yes, you might be looking to move elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean you should be vague about your current work. If you have any documents, presentations, videos or website links – include them! Have you volunteered in the past? Add it to your profile!

  • LinkedIn is NOT Facebook!
    Once your friends on Facebook see you’ve got a LinkedIn profile, a lot of them might try to connect with you. This can be a good way of initially building up a network, however if they’re not in the same industry you’re looking for, you’re wasting your time. Your news feed will become diluted with things you don’t care about.
  • Join groups!
    You can join groups on LinkedIn via ‘Interests > Groups’. These are a very good way of getting involved with similar people in your situation. Search for relevant discussions and contribute to them when you can. Recruiters will be looking for those who engage. A good group to start off with is the E&TJ Group. We’ll post the latest vacancies in the Engineering & Technology industry so you’re always up to date.
  • Do you Tweet?
    If you do, it’s a good idea to occasionally share your LinkedIn status updates or posts via Twitter. This will take your post off of the LinkedIn platform and spread the word about you and your fantastic new profile!
  • Customise your profile URL
    You can do this on your public profile near your photo and job title. This makes it easier for you to use the URL on your CV, Twitter and more. It also shows attention to details and the right amount of prudence that recruiters want. If you’re sending emails to recruiters for a job, make sure you include the URL to your profile in your email signature. If you have a blog or website, use LinkedIn badges!

Using these simple tips, you’ll create a profile worth looking at, and you’ll secure a job (and good contacts) that you want. Good luck!

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