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  • Working offshore needs many different skillsets. What will you bring to the team?

    • 18 Nov 2019

    Technicians at BP work in a hugely diverse variety of roles, at different levels, in many environments. We had a chat with a team of offshore technicians to better understand their roles. Keep reading for the full story.

  • How Important is Personal Branding when Job Hunting?

    • 15 Nov 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    What do you want employers to think of when they hear or see your name? Personal branding allows you to build a name for yourself. It’s important that you make sure your personal brand is showing employers both what you want from them and what you can do for them. Keep reading for our tips on how to create and develop your own personal brand.

  • How to ace the Technical Interview

    • 11 Nov 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The technical round of an interview is used for the interviewer to assess your technical ability. We have some tips and advice on how to properly prepare yourself for this type of interview.

  • Job seeking for the first time in years? Here’s where you start

    • 8 Nov 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Before you begin your new job-search, we have some tips for you on how to start your search and jump-start your new career as smoothly as possible.

  • Out of work activities employers actually want to see on your CV

    • 4 Nov 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    You can always take the time to try and improve the look of your CV and one way to do this is adding your out of work activities. Extra activities can demonstrate important skills that can be transferable to work. Keep reading to find out which of your interests you should be adding to your CV.

  • Job hunting after a redundancy

    • 1 Nov 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Redundancy can be a negative and stressful time in your career. But when something like this happens, it is important to try and turn the negative into a positive and see how you can learn from the experience. Keep reading for our tips on how to restart your job search after a redundancy.

  • How to shorten a long engineering CV

    • 28 Oct 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The length of a good CV is constantly under debate. Over the years you build up a lot of experience and may think it is all of similar importance. Trimming down a long CV is a skill that all professionals should try and master. Keep reading for our tips on how to keep your CV concise and effective.

  • Professional Registration UK SPEC

    • 25 Oct 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Becoming professionally registered demonstrates your engineering competence and commitment. Keep reading for more advice and contacts who may be helpful to you and your application.

  • The women shaping the future of healthcare

    • 23 Oct 2019

    The women working at Siemens Healthineers take the time to share some of their experience with working in STEM and talk about what and who inspires them to work in STEM.

  • How to handle internal interviews

    • 21 Oct 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Initially, an internal interview can seem easy but that is not always the case. You need to be able to prepare in the same way you would for any other interview. Read our tips and advice on how to prepare for an internal interview appropriately.

  • Why should I have a career development plan?

    • 18 Oct 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    A career development plan is a strategy used to assist professionals and help them to achieve their desired career goals. A development plan usually consists of both short-term and long-term goals and should be tailored to you. For tips and advice on where to start with your personal career development, click to keep reading.

  • There’s nothing ordinary about Arm

    • 14 Oct 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Arm® technology is at the heart of a computing and connectivity revolution that is transforming the way people live and businesses operate. Keep reading for more information about Arm and what they do.

  • How can job rejection be a good thing?

    • 11 Oct 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Rejection can sting a little. After all a job interview requires a lot of preparation and time from you. There is always a good side to everything and sometimes job rejection can be a blessing in disguise. Keep reading to find out more.

  • Why send a thank you note?

    • 7 Oct 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Sending thank you notes can be a crucial part of your job-search strategy. Thank you notes can insure the employer of your continued interest in the job and they be an extra push to help you receive that job offer. Keep reading for our tips on how to write great thank you notes.

  • How to answer the “Tell me about yourself...” interview question

    • 4 Oct 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Tell me about yourself? A question that most interviewers love to ask and a lot of job-seekers don't like to answer. This article can help you prepare a good answer and help you overcome the interview nerves. Click below to read more!

  • How to overcome stress and negativity

    • 27 Sep 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Looking for a new job can be difficult and at times stressful, but you can always use the negative moments, you may encounter, to drive your ambition and get you one step closer to the job you want. Keep reading for some tips and advice on how to deal with hard times during your job search.

  • Afternoon and evening routines that can help with your productivity at work

    • 6 Sep 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Whether it be nearing the end of the week or you’re just having a long day, we can all have times where our productivity at work is not the best. Keep reading for some tips on how to get into a routine that works for you and stay productive at work.

  • How to make the most of a recruitment open day

    • 2 Sep 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Many companies hold recruitment open days as a way to connect with potential candidates. They can be very important for getting to know a company before you apply for a role. Keep reading to find out what to expect from a recruitment open day.

  • How to decline a job offer or interview

    • 30 Aug 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Ideally, a job-seeker’s goal is to receive a job offer. However, you may be offered a job that just isn't for you. Turning down a job can sometimes feel rather awkward, so we have provided a few tips to make this process as easy as it can be.

  • How to complete interview tasks

    • 27 Aug 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Often, interviews are not just question and answer meetings anymore. It’s now quite common for interviewers to ask you to complete a task before or during the interview. Read our tips on how to complete these tasks and get the most out of the experience.