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  • Why more experienced professionals shouldn’t be afraid of a career re-direction

    • 29 Jun 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Age or level of experience shouldn’t be something that gets in your way and we have some advice on why you shouldn’t be afraid to take the plunge and redirect your career in the way you want!

  • Why should you think about a career in electrical engineering?

    • 24 Jun 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Electrical engineering is a sector that focuses on the study, design and creation of equipment that use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Employers will always need more electrical engineers, so why not consider it?

  • How to become a STEM Ambassador

    • 20 Jun 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    STEM Ambassadors are volunteers that can be from the industry, they could work or study in the field and they are passionate about passing on their passion to the next generation of STEM professionals. Could this be for you?

  • How to answer the “How would you describe yourself?” Interview question

    • 15 Jun 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Being well prepared for an interview includes planning answers to potential questions. They don’t have to be in full detail, just enough for you to work with and form a conversation with, if needed. This question is a good example of that.

  • What are the benefits of becoming professionally registered?

    • 10 Jun 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The IET can help you with all aspects of your professional registration journey, but why should you become professionally registered? Keep reading for advice from our members and just some of the benefits of professional registration.

  • Your Guide to Hybrid Working

    • 6 Jun 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    What does a post-pandemic workplace look like? This guide discusses what hybrid working is, what it can do for your working life and how to tailor it to you and your needs.

  • Have you thought about working in chemical engineering?

    • 1 Jun 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Engineering is a vast career to choose and much like any other profession, there are common misconceptions about what certain jobs involve. When you think of chemical engineering, what do you imagine?

  • How to save a job interview that's going badly

    • 27 May 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Job interviews aren’t always easy. You’re only human and sometimes nerves can get in the way. We often dwell on our mistakes afterwards, but this article talks you through what you can do to make your current situation a bit better.

  • Advantages of an Engineering Graduate Scheme

    • 23 May 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Graduate schemes are one way of entering the workplace and there are always engineering employers that have these schemes available to you. This article explains what a graduate scheme is and why you should consider this when you’re fresh out of education.

  • How to Ace Group Interviews

    • 18 May 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Group interviews are rare in the engineering sector, but should they happen, it’s good to be prepared. We have a number of tips that can be used to help you prepare for and smash group interviews, keep reading to find out more.

  • How to become a mechanical engineer

    • 13 May 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    If you haven’t yet chosen the direction of your engineering career yet or you’re ready to explore a new sector, have you thought about becoming a mechanical engineer?

  • Your Guide to Career Open days

    • 9 May 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    In person events have something special about them. They can also be very daunting, but they do get you outside, out of your comfort zone and ready to try something new. So, what exactly is a career open day?

  • How to write your Professional Registration Application using STAR

    • 4 May 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Here at the IET, we can support you with all aspects of the Professional Registration journey. Read more to find out how we can help you and how to begin writing your application.

  • April Career Advice Round-Up

    • 29 Apr 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Our articles can help you in all aspects of job seeking. This month, we have shared 5 new articles for you to read. All can be found below, and they all have a different topic. Take your pick.

  • How to Write a Graduate Cover Letter

    • 25 Apr 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The cover letter is often forgotten, but when you are at the beginning of your engineering career, it can make or break a job application. Keep reading to find out how to write and structure a graduate cover letter!

  • Why CPD is so important in any career

    • 20 Apr 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Read on to find out how CPD is actually more important than you think, and why you need to invest more of your own time into it.

  • How to answer the ‘Tell me about a time when…?’ Interview question

    • 15 Apr 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    In an interview, you may find yourself scrambling for words when the interviewer asks a question starting with ‘tell me about a time when?’. There is a good plan for answering these types of questions, read this article to find out how you can be as prepared as possible and stop those nerves.

  • Working in the RAF isn't what you think it is

    • 11 Apr 2022

    Nearly 40 per cent of the RAF is made up of engineers – and you could be one of them in just four months.

  • Guide to Relocating for Work

    • 6 Apr 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    You might be thinking about relocation for a number of reasons. This guide is here to talk you through the different steps you may encounter when relocating for work. Keep reading to find out more!

  • Laser Opportunities at Dstl

    • 30 Mar 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    A government organisation. High-tech laboratories. Cutting-edge laser technology. What are you imagining? It’s probably not Dstl. But it should be. Keep reading to find out more about our current opportunities.