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  • Why do I have a 3-month notice period?

    • 26 May 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Why is your working notice period be so long? We’ll explain the point behind these long notice periods and what they’re for.

  • Working on your online application form

    • 22 May 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When online job applications pop up unexpectedly, it may cause you to have second thoughts, especially if application forms make you feel nervous. This article will help you feel confident with online application forms.

  • How to answer the ‘Have you ever worked with colleagues you didn’t get along with?’ Interview question

    • 17 May 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    This article will talk you through how to prepare for, structure an answer and answer this question in an interview.

  • How to prepare for a performance review

    • 12 May 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Understanding why you have performance reviews and how you can prepare can help you make the most of these meetings, rather than fear them. 

  • Working compressed hours

    • 8 May 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The 4-day workweek has been a hot topic for a while now, but the question is, how would this work and what could this change do for you?

  • Maximise your early career CV

    • 3 May 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Starting or re-writing your CV can be daunting at the best of times, especially when it's new to you. We'll discuss how you can write and maximise your first CV.

  • April Career Advice Round-Up

    • 28 Apr 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Our articles can help you in all aspects of job seeking. This month, we have shared 5 new articles for you to read. All can be found below, and they all have a different topic. Take your pick.

  • How to include caring for your family on your CV

    • 24 Apr 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    There can be a stigma around career gaps, but life is more than just work and your other priorities need to be addressed when looking for a new role. We discuss how to do this in this article.

  • How to answer the ‘Please describe the job you’ve applied for?’ Interview question

    • 19 Apr 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Ever had a question that was phrased differently than what you were expecting? This article talks about how to answer this question and how it may be phrased.

  • Recruitment prep sheets

    • 14 Apr 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    No interviewer wants to put you on the spot and to feel nervous, this is where prep sheets come in. This article talks through what a prep sheet is and what can be included.

  • Telling your employer you’re ready for retirement

    • 10 Apr 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    At some point, most of us will leave the workplace and start a new chapter. This article discusses retirement and how you discuss this with your current employer.

  • Balancing your job and degree

    • 5 Apr 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Working full-time can have its own challenges but throw a degree or apprenticeship into the mix and it can get a lot more confusing. How do you find the right balance?

  • March Career Advice Round-Up

    • 31 Mar 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Throughout March, we shared 6 new career advice articles to help you along the way, you can find them in this handy article.

  • Responding to a rejection email

    • 27 Mar 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    No one likes rejection but it’s an important part of life and the job seeking process. Learn how to handle rejection from employers and make sure you use these experiences in a positive way.

  • Work training - it’s more than just technical skills

    • 22 Mar 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    We often forget that work training should go beyond your first day, week or month. It should be continuous. What skills should you invest in?

  • How to look for new job opportunities abroad

    • 17 Mar 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Have you been thinking about looking further afield for your next role? Maybe across the country or in a whole new one altogether?

  • What are people skills and why are they important?

    • 13 Mar 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    People skills give you the tools to effectively communicate with your colleagues and teams at work. Effective communication is one of the many keys to success and this article will help guide you through this.

  • How to answer the ‘How do you work in a team?’ interview question

    • 10 Mar 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Teamwork is a skill that a lot of employers look for and value in their employees, so when they ask this question, be ready to tell them exactly why you are the right fit for this job.

  • How to quit your job

    • 3 Mar 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Not every job will last forever and it’s important to know how to handle your current role. It’s important to know how to leave your job on good terms and make the most of your notice period.

  • February Career Advice Round Up

    • 27 Feb 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    This month we have shared 4 new articles to help you along the way. From building your personal brand online to lying on your CV, we have something for everyone.