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  • Your Guide to Using a Recruitment Agency

    • 3 Nov 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    This guide tells you pretty much everything you may need to know about working with a recruitment agency from how to start using one to landing your first interview through them. You may want to keep this one on-hand.

  • How to Stand Out in your Job Role

    • 25 Oct 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Whether you are looking for a new role or just looking to progress in your current job, improving your performance and pushing yourself to reach goals, is a good way to get noticed. Keep reading to find out how you can stand out at work.

  • How to deal with Imposter Syndrome

    • 20 Oct 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Have you ever thought that you might simply not be good enough to either have your current job or be offered a new role? I have. Imposter Syndrome can affect anyone, keep reading to find out how to deal with it.

  • Come Ready to Collaborate

    • 15 Oct 2021

    “At MBDA, we inspire team innovation to solve some of the biggest challenges.” They are hiring engineers now, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to find out why MBDA may be the next step for your career.

  • How to Leave a Company on Good Terms

    • 11 Oct 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Sometimes, when people decide to leave a job, they may be worried about leaving on good terms. We have some useful tips to make sure you leave your job on the best terms possible, even if your reasons for leaving aren’t so positive.

  • Your guide to Job Seeking Websites

    • 6 Oct 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Job seeking sites can feel intimidating at first. That’s why we have created this guide for you, including all kinds of tips and ideas on how to use job seeking sites correctly and to ensure you are making the most of everything they have to offer!

  • September Career Advice Round Up

    • 30 Sep 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    This month we have written seven different articles for you to enjoy, from your virtual job seeking guide, to life at Equinix. There's something for everyone this month, so keep reading for a full September round-up!

  • How to be a Great Leader as an Introvert

    • 27 Sep 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    If you’re an introvert, the thought of leading others can be really daunting to begin with. But if you decide to take your career in this direction, there is no reason introverts cannot succeed. Find out why!

  • Why Now Is The Right Time to Look For a Job

    • 22 Sep 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Have you enjoyed your job recently or is the idea of going back into your workplace the worst thing you could possibly think of? Now is as good as any time to start looking for your new engineering job and here’s why!

  • Could You Improve your Time Management?

    • 17 Sep 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Time management is a skill that may or may not come naturally to you. The better you manage your time, the more control you have over your work and productivity. We can all spend a bit more time planning and thinking about the future, so why not start now?

  • The Importance of Networking and Why You Should Grow Your Contact List

    • 13 Sep 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Building a good network of supportive people isn’t only good for your career, but for your general wellbeing. Do you not dedicate time to growing your network? Keep reading to find out why you should start!

  • Your Guide to Virtual Job Seeking

    • 8 Sep 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Job seekers have had to adapt to a new normal of job searching and interviewing completely online or virtually. Some of these job seeking elements are here to stay. This guide will help you understand what you can be doing to make your virtual job search a success!

  • At Equinix, I’m Safe, I Belong, & I Matter

    • 1 Sep 2021
    • Emma Hayden; Equinix

    Emma Hayden shares her journey of transitioning while working as a data center technician at Equinix in Manchester. Keep reading to find out more about her experiences and how Equinix helped her throughout!

  • August Career Advice Round Up

    • 30 Aug 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    This month we have written six different articles for you to enjoy, from personality type articles to a beginner’s guide to job seeking. Keep reading for a full August round-up!

  • How to pass your probation period at work

    • 25 Aug 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Most jobs will come with a probation period when you begin your new role, giving you time to learn and figure out if it’s right for you. So, how can you pass your probation with no hassle? Keep reading to find out!

  • How to make your working day more enjoyable

    • 20 Aug 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Work, although you may enjoy it, takes up a lot of our time. So, you should probably spend your time enjoying it, rather than dreading it! We have some tips and ideas you can use to make sure you are enjoying your work and feeling more fulfilled and happier at the end of your workday.

  • Reasons to cancel an interview

    • 16 Aug 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Here at E&TJ we really want you to find the right job for you and have a positive interview experience. However, we understand that sometimes there may be reasons why it is better not to attend. Keep reading to find out why!

  • Requesting permanent flexible working

    • 11 Aug 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    A lot of things about our working lives have changed over the last year or so, some for the better and some things we cannot wait to return to normality. If you want to keep your flexible working arrangements the same, now might be the time to talk to your employer. Keep reading for some advice on how to do so.

  • Your Beginners Guide to Job Seeking

    • 6 Aug 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    This guide includes important information about your job search and links to all the suitable articles on E&TJ, all in one place and easy to find! Click below to keep reading!