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  • How knowing your personality type can help you prepare for interviews

    • 5 Mar 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Understanding your strengths and weaknesses of your personality type can help you learn and develop your interview skills. Job seeking comes with its challenges, but learning more about yourself and why you act the way you do, can put you ahead of the other candidates.

  • Getting interview ready with S.T.A.R

    • 1 Mar 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Preparing for interviews can be nerve wracking, especially when you are trying to prepare for as many questions as possible. But there is a way to prepare for this and hopefully help you with any future job interviews you get invited to.

  • Body language in an interview

    • 24 Feb 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Your body language can give a lot away without you having to even say a word. So, from the second you walk through the door try and focus on being professional and confident. Keep reading to learn more about how you can do this.

  • How have video interviews evolved?

    • 19 Feb 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Virtual interviews have given us the opportunity still attend interviews from the safety of our own homes. Because of this, I think virtual opportunities will be around long after the pandemic has ended, but how do we prepare for a video interview?

  • How to re-purpose your CV for a different sector

    • 15 Feb 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    If you’ve decided that you want to make a career change, either to a new sector or a whole new industry, then you’ll need make some changes to your CV. We have plenty of tips and ideas on how to re-purpose your CV and start your new career.

  • How to fall in love with your job search again

    • 10 Feb 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Beginning a new job search can be exciting, but over time, you can slowly start to lose the spark that motivates you every day. It's important to stay motivated, so we have some tips on how to help you reach your goal!

  • Your skills are transferable! – What can you bring to the renewable sector?

    • 5 Feb 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Believe it or not, you don’t need to have a renewable energy or sustainable engineering background to be able to get a job in this sector. You have transferable skills that are priceless to companies looking to hire! Keep reading to find out how you can find a new job in this sector.

  • Sunday habits you should adopt to prepare for the work week ahead

    • 1 Feb 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Having a Sunday routine may not seem like much on the surface, but it’s important to use this day to relax, work through things you may need done and all in all, prepare both mentally and physically for the new work week ahead of you. So, if you have lost touch with your routine, we have some reasons why you should adopt a new one or even go back to your old habits.

  • Ethical Job Hunting

    • 27 Jan 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When you’re looking for a new job, do you start by looking at the company behind the job? It can be tough to discuss ethics because everyone has different opinions, but we have some ideas on what can help you become a more ethical job seeker.

  • Full-time VS Part-time; which is right for you?

    • 18 Jan 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When life changes, you should work your professional life around your personal life. There are pros and cons to both full-time and part-time working hours and we've taken the time to write about them here! Keep reading to find out more.

  • How to deal with losing your job because of COVID-19?

    • 13 Jan 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Sometimes losing your job is inevitable and nothing to do with anything you did. Right now, there are a lot of people in the same boat as you. We have some advice, that can be tailored to you, on how to deal with losing your job and how you can get back on track as quickly as possible.

  • How to recover from burnout

    • 4 Jan 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    There are always loads of people telling you what to do in order to prevent burnout, but what do we do when we’re trying to recover from it? We have some advice on what you can do to start to feel better about your job and stay in a happy place with your work.

  • Settling into a new team

    • 23 Dec 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Once you’ve completed the application process for a job, you’ve smashed the interview and bagged yourself the job, your thoughts then turn to the sometimes-daunting task of meeting the team! We have some tips and ideas that can help you settle in well with your new colleagues.

  • Five things you should do when you didn’t get the job!

    • 18 Dec 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Job seeking isn’t always as simple as applying for one job and then receiving an offer. As exciting as starting your job search can be, there can be a long road ahead to finding the right job for you. We have some advice on how to handle job rejection and what you should do when you don’t get the job.

  • How to write a personal statement for your first engineering CV

    • 14 Dec 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Your personal statement should be one of the first things employers read on your CV. This may seem like a lot of pressure, but we have some tips on how you can get a great personal statement ready for your first CV.

  • Competitive salary – What does this mean, and should I consider it?

    • 9 Dec 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    We’ve all found ourselves looking at a job posting and seeing the words ‘competitive salary’. You’ve probably seen all the phrases ranging from ‘salary negotiable’ and ‘market rate pay’, but what does this even mean? Keep reading to find out more!

  • How to work from home and still be productive over the holiday period

    • 4 Dec 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Considering 2020 has been full of highs and lows, you definitely deserve to be able to take a little time to relax during the holidays. Working from home over this time may be new to you, but we have some tips on how you can be productive and enjoy yourself!

  • Dornan Group – How I got here with Neill O’Connor

    • 30 Nov 2020

    We spoke to Neill O’Connor about his experiences with Kantor Energy, a subsidiary of the Dornan Engineering Group. He has been the Design Manager since joining the organisation in 2015. Keep reading to find out more!

  • What should you consider before accepting a job during the pandemic?

    • 25 Nov 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    We all know that job seeking, especially right now, is not that easy. Before starting your job search and even accepting a new role, here are some things you should think about.