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  • How to write a personal statement as a Graduate

    • 2 Sep 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When writing a personal statement for your first job it can feel very daunting on the first try. This article talks about the importance of one for an application and how to write one as a graduate.

  • How to apply for multiple jobs at once

    • 24 Aug 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When job seeking, there can be this pressure to find a job as quick as possible. However, rushing through your applications isn’t always the best way to tackle a job search. So, what is the right way to apply for multiple jobs at once?

  • Why you should be selective about the jobs you apply for

    • 1 Aug 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When job seeking you should think about what you want from a role and why you are job seeking. So why should you be selective about the jobs you apply for?

  • How to effectively integrate pronouns into your CV / job hunting

    • 27 Jul 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The use of pronouns is becoming more of a common practice, and you may have noticed this on social media platforms, like LinkedIn. simply including pronouns in your documents can help someone and yourself more than you may know.

  • How to Write a Graduate Cover Letter

    • 25 Apr 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The cover letter is often forgotten, but when you are at the beginning of your engineering career, it can make or break a job application. Keep reading to find out how to write and structure a graduate cover letter!

  • How to write a proper introduction to your CV

    • 4 Mar 2022
    • Peter Panayotou

    They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

  • February Career Advice Round-Up

    • 28 Feb 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    February always goes by in a flash, especially when January feels like it lasts a lifetime. Have you been successful in your job search this year, or do you need a bit of advice to help you along the way? We’re here to help you!

  • Returning to Your Engineering Career

    • 17 Jan 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Many of today’s workforce will end up taking time away from work, so how do you make that return after a career break? There can be many reasons as to why someone takes time away from their career, this article discusses how you can return to work and feel confident doing so.

  • The Ultimate Guide to your CV

    • 6 Dec 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When you find yourself staring at a blank screen or an old CV, it can be hard to know where to start. We’re here to help and this guide will keep you calm and collected whilst re-working your CV for your next role or new career.

  • How to tailor your CV to each job application

    • 17 Nov 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Job applications are often the first introduction an employer gets to you. Whether it’s a job application or a CV, you should consider personalising them for each job you apply for. But where do you start?

  • Your Guide to Using a Recruitment Agency

    • 3 Nov 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    This guide tells you pretty much everything you may need to know about working with a recruitment agency from how to start using one to landing your first interview through them. You may want to keep this one on-hand.

  • October Career Advice Round-Up

    • 29 Oct 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    This month we have written five different articles for you to enjoy, from a guide to using job sites to dealing with imposter syndrome. Keep reading for a full October round-up!

  • How to Stand Out in your Job Role

    • 25 Oct 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Whether you are looking for a new role or just looking to progress in your current job, improving your performance and pushing yourself to reach goals, is a good way to get noticed. Keep reading to find out how you can stand out at work.

  • September Career Advice Round Up

    • 30 Sep 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    This month we have written seven different articles for you to enjoy, from your virtual job seeking guide, to life at Equinix. There's something for everyone this month, so keep reading for a full September round-up!

  • Your Guide to Virtual Job Seeking

    • 8 Sep 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Job seekers have had to adapt to a new normal of job searching and interviewing completely online or virtually. Some of these job seeking elements are here to stay. This guide will help you understand what you can be doing to make your virtual job search a success!

  • Habits of Good Communicators

    • 28 Jul 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Good communication skills come handy in pretty much every job you can think of. If you’re someone who is looking to improve this skill, we have some tips and advice in this article for you.

  • nucleargraduates: The door to your engineering and tech career

    • 10 Jun 2021

    Solely funded by their partnered sponsors, with a clear goal to educate and innovate; nucleargraduates is a graduate scheme like no other.

  • Correct use of language on your CV?

    • 12 Apr 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Your CV often is the first thing that employers are going to see about you, and they are going to use it to judge whether you will be invited to an interview or not. Are you using the correct language?

  • Do hobbies and interests belong on a CV?

    • 2 Apr 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Your CV is used by employers to get to know you, and a good way of doing that is including information about what you enjoy doing in your spare time. These activities can say a lot about a person, but are they still important to include on your CV now?