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  • Which is the key to happiness: High salary or job satisfaction?

    • 21 Apr 2021
    • Georgina Bloomfield

    Is having a job that pays really well but offers not much else really the key to long term overall happiness?

  • You got the job! – Now understanding the contract

    • 24 Mar 2021
    • Charlotte Rogers

    After the long job seeking process, you’re probably very excited to be starting a new job, so the only thing on your mind is signing that contract! So, take the time to read, learn and think about all of the things we have mentioned in this article, things that are often overlooked.

  • How to write a personal statement for your first engineering CV

    • 14 Dec 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Your personal statement should be one of the first things employers read on your CV. This may seem like a lot of pressure, but we have some tips on how you can get a great personal statement ready for your first CV.

  • EVERYONE! Get Involved in International Women in Engineering Day 2020!

    • 19 Jun 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    International Women in Engineering Day takes place on the 23rd of June and is a day to celebrate the achievements of female engineers! Keep reading to find out how you can get involved!

  • Preventing the event: engineering our national security

    • 12 Jun 2020

    Working as an engineer on the front line of protecting our nation’s security is intrinsically rewarding. L3Harris is a newly formed global defence company working to defend the UK. Keep reading to find out more about their engineers and how you can get involved and start making a difference.

  • How to get through an interview if you suffer with Anxiety

    • 8 May 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Do you suffer from anxiety? There are some things you can be doing before a job interview to try and ease the effects of anxiety. It’s important to say that we are not experts in this field, I am simply talking from experience and what has helped me and people I know with this issue in the past.

  • 200 Great Job-Hunting Ideas!

    • 15 Apr 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    E&TJ is a job board dedicated to you, the job seeking engineer. We have now written and shared 200 articles with our readers, hoping they will help you reach your goals! Read about our top content, how it can help you and an opportunity to share any ideas you may have with us!

  • Graduates – What kind of risks should you be taking in your job search?

    • 10 Feb 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    One of the biggest hurdles’ graduates and new job-seekers can have, is standing out from the crowd with little or no job experience. To stand out from the rest, you should be taking risks. We have some advice on what you can be doing to push yourself a little further to get the job you want.

  • Intelligence Agency Engineering

    • 10 Feb 2020

    Writing code isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think of spies, is it? Keep reading to find out more about roles in UK intelligence agencies and see if this could be the next step in your engineering career.

  • Dyson – Our Personal Care Engineers

    • 27 Jan 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Dyson engineers are focused on solving problems and creating better technologies for its customers. We caught up with Vice President of Personal Care, Paul Dawson, to learn more about Dyson and the opportunities they have for engineers. Click the link above to read the full article!

  • How can the IET help you in your early career?

    • 13 Jan 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    For many young engineers, the IET may be their first point of contact with the engineering community. We are there to help all engineers no matter what stage you are in your career, keep reading for more information and find out how we can help you.

  • The IET Female Trustees

    • 10 Jan 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The IET has always been devoted to inclusion and diversity. The IET has a number of female trustees on the board and here they share insights into their experiences and advice for anyone at the start of their engineering career.

  • How to use Twitter in your job search

    • 13 Dec 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Twitter can often be overlooked as a good place to find your next job opportunity. However, once you look past the negatives, there can be some real potential for job seeking on this platform. Twitter is full of companies and recruiters looking to find their next hire! Here are some tips on how to get started with Twitter.

  • Job hunting in December

    • 2 Dec 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Do you still believe that December is a bad time to be job searching? The festive season is actually a great time to look for your new job and if you’re lucky, you may be starting a new role in January. Keeping motivated during December can mean great things for your job search and here’s a few reasons why!

  • Is no-where responding to your job applications?

    • 29 Nov 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    As a job seeker it can become very frustrating to be putting in countless hours of your time writing and submitting applications and not getting any kind of response from employers. So, what can you do to change the outcome? Keep reading for our advice on how to boost your applications and get more responses.

  • How to write an entry level CV

    • 25 Nov 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    If it’s finally time to start writing your first CV, you may be left wondering what to include. It’s important to take your time and really think about what you want out of the jobs you are applying for. We have some tips and advice on how to start writing an entry level CV, so you can begin getting stuck in with interviews.

  • How to answer the “What is your greatest weakness” interview question

    • 22 Nov 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    During interviews, you may sometimes feel a little unprepared when the interviewer asks you “What is your greatest weakness?”. Keep reading for our tips on how to prepare for and answer this question well.

  • Working offshore needs many different skillsets. What will you bring to the team?

    • 18 Nov 2019

    Technicians at BP work in a hugely diverse variety of roles, at different levels, in many environments. We had a chat with a team of offshore technicians to better understand their roles. Keep reading for the full story.

  • How Important is Personal Branding when Job Hunting?

    • 15 Nov 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    What do you want employers to think of when they hear or see your name? Personal branding allows you to build a name for yourself. It’s important that you make sure your personal brand is showing employers both what you want from them and what you can do for them. Keep reading for our tips on how to create and develop your own personal brand.

  • How to ace the Technical Interview

    • 11 Nov 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The technical round of an interview is used for the interviewer to assess your technical ability. We have some tips and advice on how to properly prepare yourself for this type of interview.