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  • Understanding the positive impacts of flexible working

    • 21 Aug 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The more traditional 9-5 working days are now a thing of the past for many people. How can flexible working help you?

  • Finding the correct work-life balance for you

    • 16 Aug 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When you enjoy your job, it can be very difficult to separate your work life from your home life. Keep reading to find out how you can find the right balance for you.

  • Why should you consider a career in renewable engineering?

    • 11 Aug 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The importance of recycling, reducing our plastic usage and renewable energy is still just as important today as it was when it first made major headlines. So where do your skills come in?

  • Could temp roles be the right career move for you?

    • 7 Aug 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Temporary jobs are becoming more and more popular for job-seekers. Whether it is good for your career or not, that's up to you. Where short-term employment is not for everyone, you may find the jobs you get can have a great affects on your career.

  • How to have a positive impact in the first 30 days of a new role

    • 28 Jul 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The first 30 days in a new job can be nerve-racking. As a new employee, you can be introduced to a lot of new information and people in a very short amount of time. Despite the rush, it is important to appreciate this time, so here are a few tips to ensure you are enjoying this period and making the most of it!

  • How to take the next step in your career

    • 3 Jul 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Have you reached a point in your career where you're unsure on what to do next? This article is going to talk about what you can do to plan the next step in your career and how to go about it.

  • Career advice for recent graduates

    • 23 Jun 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Have you come to the end of your degree and are preparing to leave university? Here are a few tips we’d give to students when finishing their degree and heading into work. 

  • What has remote working taught you?

    • 9 Jun 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    What have you learnt from remote working and what should you be mentioning on your CV and during interviews?

  • Why do I have a 3-month notice period?

    • 26 May 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Why is your working notice period be so long? We’ll explain the point behind these long notice periods and what they’re for.

  • How to prepare for a performance review

    • 12 May 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Understanding why you have performance reviews and how you can prepare can help you make the most of these meetings, rather than fear them. 

  • Maximise your early career CV

    • 3 May 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Starting or re-writing your CV can be daunting at the best of times, especially when it's new to you. We'll discuss how you can write and maximise your first CV.

  • Balancing your job and degree

    • 5 Apr 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Working full-time can have its own challenges but throw a degree or apprenticeship into the mix and it can get a lot more confusing. How do you find the right balance?

  • March Career Advice Round-Up

    • 31 Mar 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Throughout March, we shared 6 new career advice articles to help you along the way, you can find them in this handy article.

  • Work training - it’s more than just technical skills

    • 22 Mar 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    We often forget that work training should go beyond your first day, week or month. It should be continuous. What skills should you invest in?

  • How to look for new job opportunities abroad

    • 17 Mar 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Have you been thinking about looking further afield for your next role? Maybe across the country or in a whole new one altogether?

  • How to answer the ‘How do you work in a team?’ interview question

    • 10 Mar 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Teamwork is a skill that a lot of employers look for and value in their employees, so when they ask this question, be ready to tell them exactly why you are the right fit for this job.

  • How to quit your job

    • 3 Mar 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Not every job will last forever and it’s important to know how to handle your current role. It’s important to know how to leave your job on good terms and make the most of your notice period.

  • What to consider when deciding between 2 different jobs?

    • 22 Feb 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Choosing between 2 job offers can be a hard decision. We have some tips and advice on how you can go about making your decision.

  • How to plan your week day-by-day as a job seeker

    • 15 Feb 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    If you’re struggling with your job search or find it hard to keep a routine, why not try some of these suggestions?

  • How to build your personal brand online

    • 10 Feb 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When job seeking, having a positive online presence can be the key to a successful search. So, how do you go about building your personal brand online?