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  • Tips for coping with a long-term job search

    • 16 Jan 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When a job search takes a while, it can feel exhausting. But there are some things you can be doing to keep you motivated.

  • New things to learn in 2023

    • 11 Jan 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The start of a new year may be the motivation you need to try or learn something new. Why not try a new skill? You never know where it can take you!

  • New year, new job?

    • 2 Jan 2023
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The idea of a change in the new year can be really exciting. What better time to start your job search than now?

  • December Career Advice Round-Up

    • 28 Dec 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    December can be a busy month and the festivities can sometimes get in the way of your job search. If you've missed any, here are December's articles.

  • Use your skills to inspire the next generation

    • 14 Dec 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Have you ever thought about where your engineering career could take you? We spoke to Ruth and Chris, about their experiences of re-training and how you can kickstart your teaching career.

  • Why should you look for a new role in December?

    • 5 Dec 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    It’s important to take a break but December is just as good a time as any to be looking for a new opportunity. But why?

  • The impact of workplace wellbeing

    • 25 Nov 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Your workplace wellbeing is important but how do we make sure we are able to find a balance that works for us?

  • How to answer ‘What’s the most valuable thing you learnt in your last role?’ interview question

    • 16 Nov 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Knowing how to answer interview questions can be a great job seeking skill to have. So, how do you go about preparing answers for this particular question?

  • Returning to a former employer

    • 7 Nov 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Returning to a former employer can seem like a tricky subject at first, but why? This article discusses the advantages of returning to an old company for a new role.

  • October Career Advice Round-Up

    • 28 Oct 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    This month we have written five different articles for you to enjoy, from ice breaker questions to quiet quitting. Keep reading for a full October round-up!

  • What is Biomedical engineering and why should you consider it?

    • 19 Oct 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Biomedical engineering is all about using problem-solving techniques to engineer advances in biology and medicine. Are you considering a role in this sector?

  • Understanding that a job is more than just the role itself

    • 5 Oct 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Your work life is so much more than a job. This article discusses the different elements to a job that you should really consider before accepting a role.

  • The journey to your first day after accepting a job offer

    • 26 Sep 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Once you’ve accepted a new job offer, it can feel like a huge weight has been lifted. But what do you need to do now?

  • Why should you consider a career in agricultural engineering?

    • 21 Sep 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Much like other engineering sectors, agricultural combines the knowledge of multiple types of engineering in one place. So, why should you consider it?

  • What are the benefits to temporary and part-time roles?

    • 16 Sep 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    A ‘typical’ 9-5 full time job isn’t for everyone. So, why should you consider temporary or part-time roles?

  • How to write a personal statement as a Graduate

    • 2 Sep 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When writing a personal statement for your first job it can feel very daunting on the first try. This article talks about the importance of one for an application and how to write one as a graduate.

  • Skills you may have forgotten you have

    • 19 Aug 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When we start job seeking, we tend to put a lot more focus on certain skills than others. Likelihood is you probably hone a lot more skills that you should be shouting about on your CV.

  • 15 job searching habits you need to quit if you want success

    • 15 Aug 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    If you’re finding that your job search is getting you nowhere, chances are you need to change your strategy. Here are a few habits you need to quit if you want to find more success with your job search.

  • How to become an aerospace engineer

    • 5 Aug 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    A career in aerospace engineering can lead you to working with cutting edge technology and working for some amazing employers. This article is all about aerospace engineering and what it can offer you.

  • Professional registration Categories

    • 22 Jul 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When deciding whether to apply for professional registration, the IET are licenced to award four different categories. Which one would be best for you and your career?