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  • How to write your Professional Registration Application using STAR

    • 26 Jul 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Here at the IET, we can support you with all aspects of the Professional Registration journey. Read more to find out how we can help you and how to begin writing your application.

  • Relocation? Is it right for you?

    • 23 Jul 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When you find yourself considering relocating for a job, there are, of course, many different factors that you should begin considering before you apply for a role. Continue reading for some advice and more information about relocating for your job.

  • What should you bring to your interview?

    • 19 Jul 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When preparing for an interview, some can often worry about what to bring with them. It's not often discussed, unless employers want something specific from you. Here is a list of a few essential things you may want to think about taking to your next interview.

  • Why resilience is important for job-seekers

    • 16 Jul 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    A crucial Part of job-seeking is having the ability to adapt to whatever is thrown at you. Resilience is about being able to bounce back and carry on and learn from your experiences, even after you have had bad news. It's always best to try and keep going to make sure you reach your goals.

  • How to be more efficient at work

    • 12 Jul 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Working efficiently doesn’t always refer to working in a job role, you may need a little push to make your job-hunt more efficient too. The tips below can be used for any work situation you have!

  • CEMAST Campus at Fareham College

    • 8 Jul 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The CEMAST campus at Fareham College opened in 2014 and is the Centre of Excellence in Engineering, Manufacturing and Advanced Skills Training. Due to ongoing success, they are expanding! Keep reading to find out how you could land your next job at CEMAST.

  • Boosting your LinkedIn profile

    • 25 Jun 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    LinkedIn is known as one of the most professional forms of online social media. So how can you utilise it for your own job-search? Keep reading for our tips and guidance on how to set up your LinkedIn profile and how to get recruiters to notice you!

  • Ergo Consulting - Why New Zealand?

    • 18 Jun 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Ergo Consulting aspires to become the first-choice provider of engineering services to New Zealand’s power and energy industry. Engineering and design are a huge passion for the business and finding the right engineers that share the same passion is crucial. Read more about Ergo Consulting and why New Zealand may be the place for you.

  • How to talk about career gaps in your CV

    • 7 Jun 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Career gaps are becoming more common for more reasons than one. Whatever your situation, it is important to be able to talk about career breaks in interviews and on your CV. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

  • Flexible working – Is it right for you?

    • 4 Jun 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Flexible working hours are becoming increasingly normal for both employees and employers. It allows workers to avoid the restrictions of the typical 9-5 working day and have that better work-life balance they crave. Read more and find out if flexible working may be right for you.

  • How to become a STEM Ambassador

    • 31 May 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    STEM Ambassadors are there to inspire and help young people get involved in science, mathematics, engineering and mathematics. Are you involved in any of these activities or want to become a STEM Ambassador? Read on and find out how you can help your local community.

  • How to Ace Group Interviews

    • 28 May 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Group interviews can be rare in the engineering sector but they are still a popular type of interview. They save the business valuable time and it is worth knowing how to make it through one. Read up on some tips and advice on how to ace your next group interview and make your voice heard.

  • Everyday skills that are essential to an Engineering Career

    • 24 May 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Engineering can require more than just your qualifications. There are some every day skills that will help you throughout your career. Some of these skills may come naturally to you and some may just take a bit of practise. Keep reading to know what some of these important skills are and how to use them within your career.

  • How to write an appropriate resignation letter

    • 21 May 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    If you are currently job-seeking or looking to leave your job, you should start to consider how you will write your resignation letter. It can be extremely important to know how to write your resignation letter appropriately and we have some tips on how to do so!

  • Understanding the Importance of Mental Health in the Engineering Community

    • 7 May 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Mental health can be an extremely difficult thing to deal with in day-to-day life and job-seeking does not make it any easier. You are not alone and there are ways that you can get extra support during your job-search.

  • Why should you be working in Renewable Energy Engineering?

    • 25 Apr 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The importance of recycling, plastic usage and renewable energy has dragged its way up to the main headlines in much of the media. So why should we be listening? Why should you consider working in Renewables?

  • How to make the most of the first 30 days in your new job

    • 15 Apr 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The first 30 days in a new job can be nerve-racking. As a new employee, you can be introduced to a lot of new information and people in a very short amount of time. Despite the rush, it is important to appreciate this time, so here are a few tips to ensure you are enjoying this period and making the most of it!

  • Advantages of an Engineering Graduate Scheme

    • 8 Apr 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    There are so many opportunities available for recent engineering graduates, it's all about finding the right one for you. Graduate schemes offer a huge range or prospects that you may be interested in, explore the opportunities available to you and begin to enjoy what these schemes have to offer.

  • Benefits of a Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship

    • 15 Mar 2019
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Are you currently looking into an engineering apprenticeship? You are not alone in this decision, Mechanical Engineering is a great field to work in and let us tell you why.

  • Returning to your engineering career

    • 6 Jul 2018
    • Keri Allan

    Many of today’s workforce will end up taking time away from work, so how do you make that return after a career break?