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  • Returning to a former employer

    • 7 Nov 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Returning to a former employer can seem like a tricky subject at first, but why? This article discusses the advantages of returning to an old company for a new role.

  • What is Biomedical engineering and why should you consider it?

    • 19 Oct 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Biomedical engineering is all about using problem-solving techniques to engineer advances in biology and medicine. Are you considering a role in this sector?

  • Why should you consider a career in agricultural engineering?

    • 21 Sep 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Much like other engineering sectors, agricultural combines the knowledge of multiple types of engineering in one place. So, why should you consider it?

  • What are the benefits to temporary and part-time roles?

    • 16 Sep 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    A ‘typical’ 9-5 full time job isn’t for everyone. So, why should you consider temporary or part-time roles?

  • Skills you may have forgotten you have

    • 19 Aug 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When we start job seeking, we tend to put a lot more focus on certain skills than others. Likelihood is you probably hone a lot more skills that you should be shouting about on your CV.

  • How to become an aerospace engineer

    • 5 Aug 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    A career in aerospace engineering can lead you to working with cutting edge technology and working for some amazing employers. This article is all about aerospace engineering and what it can offer you.

  • Professional registration Categories

    • 22 Jul 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    When deciding whether to apply for professional registration, the IET are licenced to award four different categories. Which one would be best for you and your career?

  • Civil engineering - What are the benefits and is it the right sector for you?

    • 13 Jul 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Engineering can highly benefit society and can bring your creative side. Albert Einstein said, “Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been” So, what do you want to get from your engineering career?

  • IET Advantage Schemes

    • 4 Jul 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    For members of the IET Advantage Schemes we are here to help you at each step of your engineering journey and sometimes, at the beginning is when things can feel the most difficult.

  • Why more experienced professionals shouldn’t be afraid of a career re-direction

    • 29 Jun 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Age or level of experience shouldn’t be something that gets in your way and we have some advice on why you shouldn’t be afraid to take the plunge and redirect your career in the way you want!

  • Why should you think about a career in electrical engineering?

    • 24 Jun 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Electrical engineering is a sector that focuses on the study, design and creation of equipment that use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Employers will always need more electrical engineers, so why not consider it?

  • How to become a STEM Ambassador

    • 20 Jun 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    STEM Ambassadors are volunteers that can be from the industry, they could work or study in the field and they are passionate about passing on their passion to the next generation of STEM professionals. Could this be for you?

  • Have you thought about working in chemical engineering?

    • 1 Jun 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Engineering is a vast career to choose and much like any other profession, there are common misconceptions about what certain jobs involve. When you think of chemical engineering, what do you imagine?

  • How to become a mechanical engineer

    • 13 May 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    If you haven’t yet chosen the direction of your engineering career yet or you’re ready to explore a new sector, have you thought about becoming a mechanical engineer?

  • How to write your Professional Registration Application using STAR

    • 4 May 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Here at the IET, we can support you with all aspects of the Professional Registration journey. Read more to find out how we can help you and how to begin writing your application.

  • Why CPD is so important in any career

    • 20 Apr 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Read on to find out how CPD is actually more important than you think, and why you need to invest more of your own time into it.

  • Laser Opportunities at Dstl

    • 30 Mar 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    A government organisation. High-tech laboratories. Cutting-edge laser technology. What are you imagining? It’s probably not Dstl. But it should be. Keep reading to find out more about our current opportunities.

  • Discover new roles, varied projects & the work-life balance for you. Join us as a Systems Engineer

    • 25 Mar 2022

    As QinetiQ grows, our opportunities get more and more exciting. Join us as a Systems Engineer and you’ll be exposed to an ever-growing range of projects plus an open, inclusive environment. Want to find out more?

  • Why Communication is more Important than ever

    • 23 Mar 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    This isn’t new information to anyone, but over the last couple of years, we have relied on new kinds of communication. Good communication is key to a job search and understanding why it’s important and what you can be doing to ensure success, will help you greatly.

  • Why Choose a Career in Computer Engineering?

    • 9 Mar 2022
    • Charlotte Rogers

    Have you always been interested in a career in computer engineering or are you wondering where your skills may take you? There is so much to be excited about in this sector and let me tell you why.