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About Precision Microdrives

Precision Microdrives is a well respected technology company based in Oval, London founded 2004. We design, produce and distribute miniature DC motors, gear motors and vibration motors. We have been going for 10 years and have become the market leader in our sector; our company is growing fast with many new opportunities for growth. Most of our team have an engineering background, and there’s a constant buzz of innovation, reverse engineering, hacking together proof- of- concept solutions and trying to improve both the products we sell, and the way our company runs.

Our main source of income is designing/ distributing miniature motors and mechanisms. We specify products based on what we think the market want, or develop a specification in conjunction with the customer. Samples of the products are manufactured in China, before being tested in Hong Kong using our own developed motor testing machines. These motors are used in cars, aeroplanes, robots, mobile phones, medical products and so on.  We have built ourselves up to be an integral part of many supply chains and sell parts to 3M, Motorola, Honeywell, Siemens to name but a few. This niche is growing nicely at around 40-50% year on year. 

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