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About Highways England

For­merly the High­ways Agency, High­ways Eng­land is a dif­fer­ent type of organ­i­sa­tion: bet­ter equipped to sup­port your jour­neys today while invest­ing in those of tomor­row. As well as secure long-term fund­ing, High­ways Eng­land has more free­dom and flex­i­bil­ity than the High­ways Agency, so we can bet­ter man­age and improve England’s motor­ways and major A roads.

Why change from the High­ways Agency to High­ways England?

Over recent years, invest­ment in our high­ways has increased, while advances in tech­nol­ogy, such as smart motor­ways, mean traf­fic flows bet­ter. How­ever, even more needs to be done.

Cer­tainty of fund­ing and greater flex­i­bil­ity will enable us to become a bet­ter busi­ness. In our first 5 years alone, we’ll invest £11 bil­lion in motor­ways and A roads – boost­ing capac­ity, tack­ling con­ges­tion and improv­ing safety.

At the same time, we’ll improve how we work. That means we’ll plan road­works bet­ter to min­imise dis­rup­tion; clear inci­dents more quickly; and save more than £1 bil­lion by work­ing more efficiently.

Putting you first

High­ways Eng­land has the ethos of a com­mer­cial organ­i­sa­tion – putting value for money and great cus­tomer ser­vice at the heart of all we do. Yet we are still owned by gov­ern­ment, so we’re always work­ing on behalf of dri­vers and the coun­try as a whole.

Two new bod­ies will hold us to account on your behalf. One to mon­i­tor the per­for­mance of our high­ways, run by the Office of Rail Reg­u­la­tion, and another to cham­pion the needs of road users, called Trans­port Focus. With secure fund­ing and more free­dom to improve our net­work of motor­ways and A roads, High­ways Eng­land will have what it takes to drive our coun­try forward.

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