Control, Instrumentation and Cyber Security Specialist

United Kingdom
£63,473 - £68,208
30 Oct 2018
29 Nov 2018

At HSE, we work with one goal in mind – to help keep Britain’s workforce safe and healthy.

Our Control, Instrumentation and Cyber Security specialists help employers across Great Britain in a large range of essential major hazard industries, with thousands of workers, to manage work safely.

In this role, you can utilise your considerable technical knowledge to influence not only individual employers but whole industry sectors, particularly the major hazard industries.

A career with HSE gives you a unique opportunity to visit and interact with different and diverse employers and work activities, whether that’s inspecting a variety of major hazard installations, helping an employer understand the right controls to have in place, or investigating the aftermath of a major accident.

You’ll work alongside other technical specialists to reduce the risks associated with the management of industrial control systems to help improve safety across a wide range of activities within UK major hazard industries.

Your work will make the most of your experience – you could be involved in detailed technical analysis of safety cases on one day, inspecting control systems and interacting with engineering staff on site the next or perhaps involved in the aftermath of a major accident, working to find out the root causes and prevent a reoccurrence. This engineering role could see you appearing in Court as an expert witness or perhaps working with committees on new standards to drive improvements in industry. As you can see this role will broaden your knowledge and your professional credibility like no other role can.

Together with the widest range of health and safety experts in Britain, you’ll be helping to protect thousands of people, whether that is from our offices or out on site.

For more information or to discuss the vacancy, contact Alex Thomson at, 020 3028 1353.

Closing date: 30 November 2018.

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