Principal Supply Chain Manager - Onsite Services

BAE Systems
Barrow-In-Furness, Cumbria, England
10 Apr 2019
17 Apr 2019
Rusila Halofaki

Principal Supply Chain Manager - Onsite Services

Would you like to be responsible for managing/developing procurement contracts as well as have input into the contract strategy? Well we currently have a vacancy for a Principal Supply Chain Manager at our site in Barrow in Furness.

As a Principal Supply Chain Manager, you will be responsible and have accountability for managing the delivery of the Procurement strategy (and other identified strategies) & activity and the contract management of the onsite services. The programme management of the supply chain team to include dependency reporting and Supplier Performance information including a full understanding of schedule, cost, quality, risk, issues, leadership and management.

This role will provide you with the opportunity to have input and develop the overall contract strategy for the business as well as providing wide exposure both internally and with various customers/suppliers.

Your main responsibilities as a Principal Supply Chain Manager will involve:

  • Responsibility and accountability for managing the procurement programme & phase of each contract including participating in the development of the Project Contract Strategy and reviewing the need and proposed procurement route for all Project Contracts. This will include ensuring that the procurement programme for each contract is aligned to the build delivery requirement and that adequate time is allowed, for an effective procurement process leading to signature of contract.
  • Lead all Programme management activity for the onsite services delivery programme, working proactively and reactively to the ever changing demand that is placed on the supply chain. This includes active risk management and mitigation and dependency management of all critical stakeholders who will support the procurement plan and process.
  • Lead the team to provide detailed and "drilled down" procurement and contract management reports which capture all detail of supplier performance in relation to obligations under the contract. Schedule, Cost, Quality, Risks, and Issues for management reporting, ensuring business systems are updated to support the Supplier Performance management toolset.
  • Lead the functional Supplier Performance activities, supporting the results of the Supplier Performance Review (SPR) toolsets to undertake analysis and apply intelligence to outputs such that the function is fully informed of supplier status.
  • Create, develop and deliver a contract management plan and implement a contract working document that articulates the operating of the contracts within the onsite services programme, to include the lifecycle management of contract award to contract closure. This should include the ways of working for each element of procurement & contract management.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of the programme requirement, and the part that the supply chain team play in the successful fulfilment of the services we offer to build delivery. This should include the Identification of resources to support the demand, clear roles & responsibilities and targeted objectives of the team to ensure maximum performance is achieved.
  • Ensure that all key stakeholders and programme piers are both involved and in agreement with proposed contracting strategies, to support the delivery of the onsite services programme.
  • Ensure that all cost avoidance and cost savings are captured and reported at management meetings to support the supply chain function target
  • Responsibility and accountability for leading and managing the programme management of execution phase of each contract including providing an overview of the individual contracts to ensure compatibility and alignment across the portfolio, and with other projects including fundamental matters such as: Scope of Work / Services and Associated Programme; Prices and Rates Schedules; Key Personnel and Arrangements for Contract Administration, incentive arrangements.
  • Work with collaborative behaviours, in a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation by ensuring in terms of leading by example in establishing effective collaborative arrangements with all parties in the integrated team. Contributing positively to the various collaborative working initiatives, team building activity and behavioural/relationship assessments and seek and act proactively and positively upon feedback on personal attitudes and behaviours, thereby adopting positive and proactive approaches to facilitate early commercial close out.
  • Lead the development of supplier relationships within the team to support the "bigger picture" of programme partnering. This is inclusive of providing the necessary guidance and support to the team to ensure supplier relationships support the business needs.
  • Act as a deputy (when required) to the head of supply chain, supporting the supply chain initiatives and the functional management reviews that occur
  • Actively support the business audits that occur from time to time to ensure the audit requirement is met and closed sufficiently. This is also inclusive of quality audits & inspections and the resulting findings and actions placed upon the team for action and closure.
  • Be a positive, enthusiastic and committed advocate of the supply chain function, continuously reinforcing the key service offering and the need for continuous improvement, change and innovation. The role will establish a sense of urgency for change and implementing a strategy for change and be a role model for the behaviours associated with the Values, and for change, improvement and innovation.