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This job has expired

Electricity Distribution Manager

Connect Saint Helena Ltd
Saint Helena Island
Closing date
3 Apr 2024

Job Summary

To manage the operation/maintenance of electricity distribution network. Please request an application form CV will not be accepted

Job Purpose

Manage the operation, maintenance, repairs and strategic development of High Voltage (11,000 Volt) and Low Voltage (400/230 Volt) electricity distribution network throughout Saint Helena.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

Management of planned preventative maintenance system for distribution network ensuring that work is scheduled and recorded accurately and that through an iterative process shortcomings in the system are resolved and the system updated.

Respond to breakdown situations, restoring power in the quickest possible timeframe whilst ensuring health and safety is not compromised. Able to exhibit creativity and innovation where like for like repair is not possible and alternative strategies need to be employed to restore service in the short to medium term.

Manage, control and coordinate all inspections, work, workshop activities and employees under incumbent’s direct control, including switching programmes. On a daily basis evaluate and re-prioritise workload to reflect prevailing conditions, managing expectations of others and resolving conflict that may arise.

Set standards and audit subordinate and contractor performance in relation to the provision and maintenance of power distribution, switching and new connections understanding that the consequence of poor performance in this area can lead to major disruption to large areas of the population.

Responsible for setting and monitoring health and safety procedures and standards for the distribution section, recognising that they operate in a safety critical environment where breaches could result in death and significant infrastructure damage.

Accountable for handling of and administration for high value components and equipment much of which is moved to unsecured locations during the course of work. Procurement and requisitioning of materials and equipment ensuring that records are accurate and equipment meets relevant standards. Responsible for test equipment, tools and ensuring maintenance /calibration is completed in a timely fashion.

Provide technical advice to consumers. Assist with the resolution of consumer disputes and conflict.

Compile and maintain documentation including system drawings, manuals, maintenance schedules, maintenance records, monthly reports, annual budget requirements, monthly expenditures and any system improvement recommendations.

Have responsibility for staff development, mentoring and performance management.

Have responsibility for succession planning within the Electricity Distribution Section, setting development pathways for staff, and mentoring at all levels. Identify and mentor a Designate Electricity Distribution Engineer.

Management and control of all generation control systems and electrical HV operations at the PowerStation:-

  • Testing, fault analysis and repair of the Low Voltage control systems for the Generators and Distribution Feeders
  • Testing, fault analysis and repair of the Generator Alternators where possible
  • Testing, fault analysis and repair on all other control gear within the Power Station. e.g. Radiator Fans, Air Compressors and Battery Chargers.
  • Repairing of High Voltage switch circuit breakers where possible for the Generators and Feeders
  • Swapping of High Voltage switch circuit breakers when faulty

To collect and analyse data from both the Power Station and the Island Distribution Network and to make decisions on any changes to ensure the security of the Island electricity supply.

Provide essential Technical Training to both Installation and Distribution staff to standards and regulations applicable to the Institution of Engineering and Technology and relevant South African Regulations and Safety Procedures.

Provide technical advice to electrical domestic consumers, on-Island project managers and the Utilities Regulatory Authority.

Authorised Person and Safety Control Officer for the entire Generation and Distribution Network in respect of the High Voltage regulations including:-

  • Responsibility for all operations of switching on the 11000 V network
  • Responsibility for the safety of all staff by ensuring that the network is safe to work on
  • Writing safety switching programmes for working on the High Voltage network
  • Providing to staff that the High Voltage 11000 V is isolated (Dead) and safety lock-off and show that the control and working Earth are in the correct position before handing over the network to the person in charge of the job
  • Inform staff of the dangers and hazards of each job before handing over the person in charge
  • Responsible for all testing and fault analysis and repairs on the High Voltage network
  • Responsible for the entire Low Voltage distribution network Advise on procedures and methods to test and fault find on the Low Voltage network

Core Competencies

  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal Proven ability to lead from the front with resilience and dedication
  • Able to prioritise and work under extreme pressure in physically and mentally demanding situations
  • Resourceful and innovative to meet with the demands of unforeseen situations
  • Decisive and influential with peers, superiors and consumers
  • Focus on staff training, development and succession planning

Person Specification

The successful candidate should have the following qualifications and experience: Electrical or electromechanical engineering at HND level or higher, Technical & Management experience, HV Switching Certification.

Connect Saint Helena Ltd offers a competitive salary commensurate with qualifications and experience. Other benefits include 15% pension contributions of the base salary and 30 days annual leave.

Working Environment

  • Office based
  • Working at heights up to 20 meters
  • Driving and climbing duties
  • Working in windy and wet conditions
  • Working with high voltage distribution switchgear and equipment
  • Emergency call-out and stand-by duties for Connect Saint Helena Ltd
  • Performing high voltage testing and switching


Asset Responsibilities - Responsible for critical assets valued at £5 million Equipment and spares valued at £0.5 million Vehicle & Tools value £50k

Total Staff Supervision Up to 15 staff

Budget Responsibilities - Up to £0.5 Million

Key Contacts - Public Staff Directors

Job Context

Connect Saint Helena Ltd. is the sole supplier of utility services on Saint Helena.  Many of the systems are without backup and directly relate to the quality of the product, failure may therefore result in service disruption and/or consumer dissatisfaction.

This job profile is not an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities. There may be other adhoc duties that fall within the remit of the role that the job holder may need to complete.  In addition, the job holder will be required to carry out any other reasonable duties as requested which are commensurate with the grading and level of responsibility for the role.


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