IET Academy: e-Learning for Engineers

About the IET Academy

The IET Academy is the only mobile training resource of its kind giving engineers expert-led, in-depth e-learning.

Regardless of your career stage, whether you are an apprentice or experienced senior engineer, you will take away from your training an in-depth understanding in your specialist subject and be able to demonstrate this knowledge and skill set required by your employer. 

The platform offers a unique and engaging learning experience:

  • Interactive - enjoy an interesting mix of  rich media and interactive course content
  • Flexible - choose the order you prefer to study the course modules
  • Embed your learning – assessments and interactive tasks throughout the course
  • Monitor your progress – set up personalised dashboards to track your progress
  • Certification - on successful completion of each course or unit you will be awarded a certificate.

Created by experts

Course content is created by expert academic and industry organisations, all leaders in their field, ensuring learners develop the highly specialist skills they need to thrive within their business.

Specialist courses

Topics cover a broad range of technical and professional areas from power systems and mobile communications, to management and leadership - specifically designed for engineers.

In-depth e-learning

Courses range up to 30 hours and can be studied in whole or in bite-size units, allowing individuals and companies to tailor their training to suit them. 

Flexible access

Courses can be purchased in full or in individual units. Multi-user licenses are also available for those looking for a company-wide training solution.

You can view courses here.

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Study at your own pace

A key advantage to getting your learning online through the IET Academy is that it offers you choice in where and when you study. You can access your course content across multiple devices making it easy to fit learning around your working day. This flexibility helps you to manage your own training experience, leading to positive learning outcomes for you and your organisation.

Plus, the way the courses are structured and broken down into short units means you can dip in and out of your learning at any point, focusing on the specific information you currently need and apply what you’ve learnt straight away. 

Personalised to suit your learning style

Our expert course content is designed with different learning styles in mind, offering an exciting mix of various content types including video, case studies, interactive content, together with a range of formative and summative assessments proven to deliver learning outcomes.

Whether you need to bring your skills up to date in a specific topic, or are seeking a cost-effective and trusted training solution for your team or company, the IET Academy offers expert engineering e-learning across a broad range of disciplines

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