Early Career Engineers and the IET

The IET understands how important a membership organisation is in supporting you throughout your career.  We recognise that the time you need most assistance is at the beginning of your working life when there is so much happening and extra support and guidance can make a real difference.

To provide that guidance we have devised a series of membership programmes, products and services which focus on your development during the most challenging stages of your career.

Apprentices and early career technicians:

The IET Signature programme is an initiative to help apprentices and early career technicians advance towards professional success through a step by step action plan.

For apprentices, it supports workplace learning, college study and builds key competences in line with employer expectations.  For technicians, it will keep you up to date with the latest technology and industry innovation  to equip you for professional registration and beyond.

If you qualify you will receive a discount on the IET's standard membership rates. To find out more visit the IET Signature home page.


Student membership

In today’s competitive and dynamic job market, you could have 10 jobs, change companies 6 times, move disciplines 2 or 3 times, work abroad for 4 or 5 years, attend 20 courses and run 15 projects. Membership of a professional organisation can be the one constant you can rely on for support throughout your career. Find out more about how membership can support you with your studies.

IET on Campus

Employers are hiring graduates who’ve taken the time to raise their profile by developing their interests and skills outside of their course.

The IET is looking to support ambitious students with their extracurricular activities to help give them a competitive edge. On Campus is an initiative designed to support everyone in the engineering and technology faculty with students at the heart of it.

A student community can call on a wealth of tailored practical, technical and career-related resources that provide access to knowledge from across industry and academia. We will help them create links with employers and other universities, building a platform to demonstrate their skills and raise their profile to the wider world.

IET On Campus has a dedicated web area that gives more information about how students can go about setting up their own IET On Campus community and also see reports on what other student members are up to; covering everything from competitions and projects through to charitable work and events.

Graduate schemes, work placements and gap years

Work experiencegap years and graduate schemes; all these options can support your career and professional development in many ways.

Within the careers section of the IET website, we delve into these areas, offering you support on how to gain work experience and a place on a graduate scheme and also give you information on how to make the most of a gap year.

We also offer students the opportunity to apply for professional registration as an Engineering Technician (EngTech) or ICT Technician (ICTTech) following completion of a year in industry – take a look at technician professional registration for students and find out more about how you can hold a professional engineering  qualification before you even graduate.

Do a good turn - student volunteering with the IET

Volunteering is an ideal way to build engineering contacts and broaden you support network as you begin your career.  It will also enhance your CV as you gain essential career experience, improve your specialist skills and develop new ones.  We have a range of flexible volunteering roles to suit your time commitments, from spending a day helping students tackle tough engineering problems at a Faraday Challenge Day to being responsible for running networking events for students at your university or college. Read on to discover the ideal volunteer role for you or to find out more about volunteering.

Final year students and graduates: 

IET Advantage is a three step membership programme for final year students and graduates (up to six years from graduation), which offers exceptional value to early career engineers who are determined to achieve more. It delivers the depth of knowledge, expert support and professional tools you need to achieve your career ambitions

IET Advantage offers all the benefits you would expect from the IET, including stepped membership fees. We place a special emphasis on expert guidance and advice. Each membership package has its own focus, offering tailored products and services pertinent to that particular stage of their career.

Graduate Advantage eases the transition from graduation to employment – building essential knowledge and providing study tips, CV advice, job search and introductory materials.

Career Advantage concentrates on developing knowledge and experience – providing the skills and tools to help members establish themselves in their career.

Professional Advantage focuses on achievement – preparing members for professional registration as an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer (IEng/CEng) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

If you qualify for IET Advantage you will receive a discount on the IET's standard membership rates. To find out more visit the IET Advantage home page.

Other IET early career resources: